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It's Never Too Late For Your Lawn


Oftentimes, fall and winter are considered the times of the year when things grow gloomy and the lush, green landscape of summer turns into a distant memory. But, it isn't time to give up on your lawn just yet. In fact, proper fall lawn care is ESSENTIAL in determining how your lawn is going to appear come springtime. So, just for you, here are some tips for proper fall lawn care.

Four Fall Lawn Care Essentials You Needn't Forget:

1. Clear up leaves diligently: Most people get excited when the leaves begin to change. This means cooler weather is here and soon, the holidays. We all take a deep breath of crisp air as a single leaf falls from the trees. But then, as if signaled, they all begin to cut lose and scatter all over your yard.

Did you know, leaves left on top of grass can actually ruin the grass underneath? Even though it's a lot of work, try to keep your lawn as leaf-free as possible. If only there was someone who would do all that work for you...oh, wait there is, check out our lawn care division now!

2. Aerate and seed your lawn: Grab yourself a plug aerator and go to town. This device will make nice holes in the ground for your seeds to fall into. Do your research when buying new seeds, it never hurts to consult a professional.

3. Prep grass with a winterizer: There are special fertilizers that are meant solely for fall application. They contain certain nutrients that help keep your grass nourished through the coming cold months. Again, do your homework when figuring our which one is right for you in order to ensure you receive optimal results.

4. Water until the ground freezes: Make sure you aren't forgetting to water your lawn. Just because it might not be its most lush green at the moment, doesn't mean it doesn't need hydration. Watering before you put any seed or fertilizer down is a must. You can safely water your grass up until the ground begins to freeze.