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Home Remedies & Treatments For Carpet Beetles In Huntersville, NC


Carpet beetles aren't necessarily the most common household pest, but when you face an infestation of this sort it can be hard to treat. If you reside in or around Huntersville, NC, there are available treatment options for your carpet beetle infestation. First and foremost, it is incredibly encouraged that you contact a local pest control company for the safest and most effective treatment, such as Lake Norman Home Services. Before doing this, you should be informed as to what exactly carpet beetles are, how they infest your home, and preventative measures you can take to reduce their population.

Your Carpets Are Food For Them

There are many varieties of beetles found on this planet, but the one that is commonly found in your house and can cause you loss is the carpet beetle. Whether it is your carpets, furniture, lint, garment, blanket, pet foods, animal carcasses etc., carpet beetles are capable of consuming almost anything. This causes them to become very dangerous if they infest your house, as they can consume much of it.

Carpet beetles are of three types – black carpet beetle, furniture carpet beetle, and the varied carpet beetle. You will discover that they have infested your area when you find that your carpets, silk, wool or leather items are damaged. When discovering this is when you should call the local bug exterminators for beetles. As they prefer the dark areas, you will not notice until they infest your home and are already destroying numerous things.  

How They Infest Your House

These pests love flowers and they usually are seen in large numbers mostly during the spring. They can fly in through open doors or windows, or their larvae can come in with our clothes or even pet food. Small animals that die in chimneys or other discreet spaces are a favorite food of these beetles, making a rotting carcass attract them in this way as well. Every house may have a few of them at various times, but if you see a lot of them or their larvae, then it is time to call the local bug exterminators for assistance. Once they are in large numbers, they can destroy your woolens and other fabric quickly, causing damage and cost to you.  

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles

You need to first locate the beetles by their fecal matter and skin. Once you locate the source, you can directly remove them by vacuuming. The larvae should be completely removed as you do this. Since they are the ones who feed on your clothes, you have to wash all the clothes you think may be infested in warm water and soap. For the carpets, you need to have them cleaned thoroughly by a professional. Their steam or hot water cleaning will completely remove the beetles and the larvae. Another way to reduce or possibly eradicate them completely is the use of boric acid on the carpets and other places.

In fact, this solution is good to kill any kind of insects and is not dangerous or harmful for humans. Treat the rugs and carpets with carpet treatment chemicals to remove the beetles and prevent them from coming back. It is important to remember that all of these solutions present the possibility of being unsuccessful, because carpet beetles are a very resilient pest that can be very difficult to self treat. Their eggs are especially difficult to destroy, and at the event that you cannot eliminate them on your own, you may need to call your local bug exterminator for a professional cleaning.