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Health Risks From Having Roaches In Huntersville, NC


Cockroaches are revolting pests that can overtake your home or business in the blink of any eye. Discovering one means that there is a likely chance that many more are residing nearby. If you spot one in your area, it is crucial that you seek a professional exterminators assistance in eliminating them, for your own health and safety, as these pests are hard to rid of on your own and pose many risks. If you live in or near Huntersville, NC, and are facing a roach problem in your home or business, call Lake Norman Home Services. Lake Norman's professional exterminators are trained and equipped to eliminate roaches from your home, keeping you out of harm's way.

Health Risks 

Knowing the severity of the health risks created by cockroaches is extremely important. These fast-paced insects have sought shelter in homes and businesses across the nation, often unwelcome and unwanted. At some point in each of our lives, we have encountered a cockroach, and know fully well how repulsive these creatures are.

They are typically found in various spaces, most of which include sinks, running pipe holes, behind stacks of garbage, or around the corners of refrigerators. They hardly ever leave these spaces, which is why when they are spotted you typically only see one where many are close by.  The health hazard that cockroaches create is more serious than most realize, and the more cockroaches present on your property, the greater the health hazard they are creating.

Health Risks Of Having Cockroaches:

1. Food Contamination

Cockroaches live by consuming nearly anything. Aside from food eaten by human beings, cockroaches also feed on dead and decayed parts of plants and animals, and other things such as, glue, soap, paper, leather, and even hair. At night when cockroaches are moving around, they contaminate open foods by releasing or defecating on it, leaving hair and dead skin on the food items they stepped on and depositing empty egg shells on it.

2. Injection Of Disease-Causing Bacteria

Feeding cockroaches possess the habit of regurgitating their own saliva and digestive fluid from their mouths to inoculate food with germs or bacteria living in their gut. Some of the hazards and dangers caused by cockroaches in this regard include bacterial infections.

The bacteria commonly known as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa are particularly common in cockroaches, and they can transmit this disease-causing bacteria to humans. Cockroaches can also spread salmonella bacteria, which can cause a wide variety of diseases ranging from food poisoning to typhoid and other diseases like urinary tract infections, digestive problems, and sepsis.

3. Allergic Reactions

This is another health risk cockroaches are known to create. One of the most common allergens reported by scientific research is cockroaches with studies reveal that from 20 to 60 percent of urban residents are presented with an allergy to cockroaches. The symptoms of an allergic reaction caused by cockroaches may range from itching and redness to severe asthma.

4. Bites From Cockroaches:

It is found that some types of cockroaches bite humans. Though these cases are not common, if your home is severely infected with these insects, you need to be careful. They can bite fingernails, toes, and soft skin parts, which can results in open wounds. 

5. Invasion Of Body Parts

Cockroaches not only attack your space, but they also can attack parts of your body. Cockroaches are omnivores that feed on everything they do not run off. There are many cases of cockroaches gaining entrance into some parts of the body, such as ear and nose, while you are sleeping. Small cockroaches can easily enter the body's openings while you are in a deep sleep if they discover an entrance. 

6. Food Poisoning

During the onset of food poisoning, it was discovered that the incidence of new cases suddenly decreased after removing contagious cockroaches. Cockroaches are also natural environment to Salmonella bacteria that can cause typhoid and food poisoning.

7. Asthma

A cockroach can be a major enemy to one who suffers from asthma. The frequency of asthma attacks may increase if your home is infested with cockroaches. Allergens from cockroaches bodies can cause serious complications and may even be life-threatening. Also, people who do not have asthma can develop asthma by inhaling cockroach allergens.