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Hornets & Wasp Exterminator Company In Huntersville, NC


Hornets and wasps can be aggressive and extremely territorial pests. If you live in or near Huntersville, NC, and have spotted hornets or wasps around your property, it is imperative that you contact a professional pest control company before you find yourself in a painful situation. Lake Norman Home Services can treat your property today of hornets and wasps safely and effectively. Self-treating these types of nests can result in being swarmed and stung numerous times, as these pests can sense danger and attack as a whole. Continue reading for more information on how to prevent wasps and hornets, and why it's important to seek professional help in the case of encountering a nest in your area.

Save Yourself From Their Painful Stings

The first reaction for most people when they see a wasp is to run away from them. Even if you have never been stung, you probably are aware of how painful it can be from stories others who have been stung have told. For some people, the sting can cause severe reactions that may need to be treated medically. Wasps are more dangerous than the bees because they can sting repeatedly, but their stingers don’t attach to our body. What makes calling pest control services for wasps and hornets necessary is that it is dangerous for untrained people to try and remove their nests themselves.

These pests usually have their nests near our homes or businesses, or under the eaves of our roofs. Wasps protect their nests very fiercely, and there can be around 10,000 wasps in a nest at peak season. As their food is the nectar from flowers, they will be continuously traveling between their nest and flowers in your location. This is where the contact can happen and you could get stung.  

Prevention Of Infestation

How do we prevent an infestation of wasps or hornets on your property? Even after we have pest control professional exterminators exterminate these pests, you need to prevent the infestation from happening again. Luckily, there are precautionary measures one can take to prevent such reoccurring. 

Wasps feed on nectar from flowers, and the pests that infest plants. One of the best methods to keep these pests away is to plant your trees and plants away from your buildings. The farther away they are, the less likely wasps will come in or around your area. Another thing to do is put screens on your windows and doors. Check their favorite nesting sites regularly. Check in the attic, under the eaves, inside barbecue grills and garage for signs of nesting. A regular check can prevent you calling pest control services for wasps as frequently.  

Why Call The Professionals?

It is very dangerous to try and eliminate the nests by yourself. These pests protect their nests fiercely and can attack you if you try to disturb them or threaten them in any way. The pain of one sting is so painful that you can imagine being stung by many would be excruciating. Although they are harmful, if you don’t disturb them, wasps won’t go out of their way to sting you.

This is why if you discover a wasp or hornet nest, seeking a professional exterminator's help is the best decision.  Professional pest control services for wasps and hornets have special, specified equipment and protective clothing for the purpose of treating these types of pests. They know how to handle the situation and are trained to clear the nests safely and effectively. They also know what chemicals to use so that the nests are removed without any injury to anyone. Call Lake Norman Home Services today to receive a free service quote and get started on your wasp or hornet infestation treatment!