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How To Get Rid Of Rodents In Huntersville, NC


Rodents are pests that have a habit of making a real nuisance of themselves. They include mice and rats as well as squirrels – each of whom is known to contaminate your food and in addition they will also do damage to your property in Huntersville, NC. The worst part is they are responsible for spreading diseases. Rats and mice are the most common type of rodents. Before calling in a local Huntersville, NC pest control company to deal with the rodents at first, you can try these methods on your own.

Methods To Consider In Rodent Control

  • Prevention Is Best

The first step is of course to prevent rodents from infesting your home. For this, you need to ensure that no food items are put in any place that is within reach of rodents. Second, you need to remove cardboard which is known to attract rodents. Finally, be sure to seal all openings in your home through which rodents can get into your home.

  • Use A Trap

One of the first things you need to do in order to get rid of rodents without calling in an local exterminator is to try and trap them. When setting a trap, make sure it is set at right angles to the walls. Also, make sure the bait side of the trap faces the wall. As soon as the rodent starts to feed on the bait, a trip pedal will shut the trap and, in this way, trap the rodent easily.

  • Don't Touch

Once the rodent has been captured, you need to make sure you do not touch it with bare hands. When handling it, make sure you wear gloves. If the rodent has died, then make sure you double bag it and then seal the bag and either bury it somewhere or burn it. Check local laws to find out what method is allowed.

  • Poisonous Bait

If the trap option does not work for some reason, then you can use poisonous bait that can be bought in pellets. There are several types of insecticides for rodents that you can pick and choose from though the most common option is the one called anticoagulants. These compounds are effective because they cause internal hemorrhaging and the rodent will die of that within a few days.

  • Cats Can Help

Yet another option that is worth exploring is the one in which you simply make use of a cat to eliminate and get rid of rodents. However, house cats may not attack the rodent problem effectively. So, you may need to look for one that has a natural affinity to attack rodents.

  • Corn Snakes

Finally, you can also make use of corn snakes to help get rid of rodents. These snakes are not venomous and the nice thing about using them is they love to dine on rodents. It pays to keep in mind that rodents need food and they also need water as well as a home to live in. by eliminating all these factors, you can get rid of the rodents by making conditions hard for them. Keep food in secure containers and also ensure your home is clean and sealed off. These steps will prevent rodents from entering your home and will obviate the need to take any of the above-mentioned steps to get rid of rodents.