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Extermination Choices For Termites In Huntersville, NC


Termites are small insects but sometimes you can be perplexed by the magnitude of damage they can cause to your home, boats, field or workshop. Termites majorly feed on wood and products made from timber and in most occasions you would only realize that they were feeding on your stuff after a considerable amount of damage is done in Huntersville, NC.

This is because they remain hidden and they feed silently and noticing would be so difficult. Unprotected wooden materials and buildings are prone to infestation by termites and therefore it is important to ensure that proper control methods are taken to prevent the damages that may arise from termite infestations.

Prevention & Control


Fumigation is a very popular method of controlling a lot of insects including termites. It involves tightly enclosing an infested furniture or any other objects in a gas proof covering and releasing sulfuric fluoride gas to kill the insects. With the latest trends in technology fumigation can even be done to an entire building by completely covering them in gas proof tents.  Just like it is an effective method in controlling several other pests, fumigation is very effective in eradicating termites. It is ideal for use in eradicating large infestations of buildings by dry wood termites, boats and furniture.

Termite Barriers

These are implants that are fixed in houses and several other buildings during construction to help in preventing infestation by termites. Currently there are a lot of physical termite barriers that offer very good protection against termites. If properly installed, a house would stay protected against termites for a long period of time.

Borate Treatments

Borate treatments also offer good protection against termites. These are compounds diluted in water and applied at the dried in or the blacked in stages of construction. It is applied at different parts of the building like the sill plates, framings, studs and the concrete slab. The commonly used active ingredient in borate treatment is disodium octaborate tertrahdrate.  To maximize its efficacy other liquid extermination products are used alongside borate treatments.

Wood Preservatives

Wood is a very important component of our lives today and we use them for several purposes. To ensure that whatever you are going to make from wood is safe from termite control, it is important to treat the wood. This method of controlling termites is ideal for outdoor timber products that are in direct contact with the ground like fencing posts, outdoor wooden steps, bridges and landscape timbers. These preservatives contain alkaline copper quaternary, micronized copper quaternary and several other compounds.

Dry Termiticides     

This is a method used to eradicate smaller populations of termites.  They are composed of a dry granular substrates that contain termite extermination products. The dry termiticides are introduced directly at the termite territories so that the termites can feed on it. Once they feed on it the toxicity spreads around the entire colony helping reduce their population.

Termite Baits

This involves installing termite baits on the ground that the termites feed on and then they die. They are best used in scenarios where soil termiticides cannot be effectively used.