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What You Need To Know If You Think Your Mooresville Home Has Termites

A close up image of a termite on wood

Mooresville pest control is a very challenging endeavor. Our proximity to so many wooded areas, and our lovely year-round climate that rarely sees more than a handful of extremes throughout the year is perfect for all sorts of critters.

Unfortunately, these critters don’t respect boundaries and make terrible roommates. One of the worst offenders and most unwanted guests for homeowners, though most of us have probably never even seen one, is the termite.

Read on to learn some fast facts on how to act if you suspect your home has fallen prey to a brood of termites.

The First Signs of a Termite Problem

The first sign of a termite problem, interestingly enough, is rarely a spotting of any of the insects themselves. We advise homeowners to look for evidence of termites, such as the damages they cause, rather than go looking for the bugs themselves. The evidence can be very tell-tale and spares homeowners the risk of damaging their homes in the search.

Be on the lookout for:

  • Dragging, or drooping drywall that rapidly worsens.
  • Small holes in the walls.
  • Squeaky floorboards or boards that dip when pressure is applied.
  • Clicking sounds in the walls.

A lot of people question the last item on this list. One of the most common questions we hear is, “Can you hear termites in the wall?” in a disbelieving tone. Well, it may sound scary, but it’s true!

Why Termites Infest Wooden Structures

Termites in Mooresville are like us in that they need a reliable source of food and shelter in order to survive. That means that free-standing water, places to hide or travel indoors from the yard, and everything in between can be an on-ramp for termite traffic, directly into your home.

Good lawn care best practices will go a long way in removing these attracting factors. Because termites' diets include wood pulp, it is very difficult to ensure a perfect success rate at keeping them out of our homes.

The Problem With Trying to Get Rid of Termites by Yourself

Can you get rid of termites on your own? Not a chance! That is, once an infestation has fully taken hold. These pests are simply too evasive, and too efficient at repopulating their numbers to be worried about us pesky humans and anything we can throw at them!

It’s also worth keeping in mind that termites can infest a property and remain undetected for years. Under the floorboards and behind the walls is not exactly the best place for homeowners to go picking, digging, or spraying any materials, let alone looking there for signs of termites. 

Many homeowners simply cause more damage to their homes going after the termites on their own.

What It Takes to Get Rid of Termites

Termite control largely comes down to one simple task: picking up the phone! Termite treatment options for your home are limited to professional solutions because of the termite’s ability to regenerate their populations and remain out of sight (and thus, out of danger) virtually indefinitely.

People tend to think that pest control is too cost-prohibitive to use. The reality is that pest control has never been more practical and easy to obtain for homeowners. Extermination and termite inspection prices are far lower than most homeowners expect, and are certainly lower than whatever costs the bugs will bring you in damages to your home!

Lake Norman Home Services is experienced at diagnosing termite infestations, as well as removing them. The moment you see the signs of these critters’ presence, don’t delay another moment – pick up the phone!