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Home Remedies & Treatments For Ants In Huntersville, NC


Even though we appreciate the hardworking nature of ants from a distance, having them in your house is no source of comfort. It is annoying when they crawl  into the comfort of beds or into clothes and even into left over foods and the worst part is you don’t need to have sweet things around, they will make do with about anything.

The good news is that there are home remedies and treatment for ants to get them to leave your house in Huntersville, NC. If these remedies don't work for your infestation the best thing to do to make sure they are exterminated is hiring a professional exterminator. 

Home Remedies To Try

Chalk Line

The tale of a white chalk line might seem a little hard to believe but when you think about how organized ants are then you can understand how it will work. Basically, you draw a white line with a white chalk around areas known as paths for the ants and they will never cross the line (literally). Some people swear to this method, so it may be a good idea to try it.

Black Pepper

Black pepper appears to be very helpful in repelling different types of insects, and ants are not an exception. Sprinkle black pepper at places where the ants usually pass, especially at openings to their hideouts and it will keep them away.


Cinnamon is a known ant repellent, dropping cinnamon around ants paths is sure to keep them away and the good thing is that the house will have a divine homey scent thanks to the sweet smell of cinnamon.


Mixing a borax solution and placing it in a position you are sure ants will find into have them eat some of them. Borax solution is poisonous to ants and some home pests so it will kill them after ingesting it. Just get ready to clean afterwards and keep it out of reach for your pets and family.


Wiping surfaces in the home with vinegar will keep the ants away; because ants hate the smell of vinegar and makes ants lose their scent trails. As a result, there will be chaos and with time, they will leave the house.