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Home Remedies & Treatments For Rodents In Huntersville, NC


Rodents are the kind of unwanted visitors that come into your house and make themselves at home and they are very hard to get rid of once they find a nice environment. They are sneaky and stubborn and if they have made a home somewhere, they like to come back after a while.

Rodents carry diseases and destroy books and furniture in the house, if you find evidence of rodents living in your home you may want to take these home remedies and treatments for rodents to chase them out in Huntersville, NC. If these don't work or you need more experienced help it is best to let a professional exterminator get rid of your rodent problem for you.  

Home Remedies

Seal Up Holes

Rodents usually create holes that they use to get into the house. The house should be inspected for such damages and if found they should be sealed to block out further access into the home.

Set Traps

Traps are perhaps the oldest method of dealing with rats, in setting traps foods with scent that rodents like are used as baits and could be poisoned so that when the rats go after the food they are caught in the trap and may die from poisoning. When poisons are used alongside the traps, care has to be taken to ensure that the poisons are not mistakenly ingested, gloves should be worn and hands should be properly washed after each contact and the poisons should be kept out of reach and separate from edibles.

Natural Predators

Natural biological predators can be used to chase away rodents, you don’t have to actually bring in these animals into your home you just have to bring in their scents and scare off the rodents because it is a jungle out there. Cat litters and owl feathers can be put in some corners of the house to scare them off.


Rodents hate the odor of onions, especially when they become pungent, hence if you can endure the smell yourself, then you can put them at places infested by the rodents to send them out.