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How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Huntersville, NC


Cockroaches are responsible for various asthmatic reactions especially in children and elderly people. They carry diseases causing bacteria and spreads dysentery, salmonella, diarrhea, gastroenteritis among other diseases.  The most roach prone areas in a house are the kitchen, laundry and the bathroom in Huntersville, NC. 

Basic Principles

  • Cutting Down Food Sources

Clean and remove all food particles on tables and floor. You should also seal up your food and rubbish bins. Pay more attention to bench tops and appliances.

  • Cut Down Water Sources

Roaches need water to survive. In this case, make sure there is no leakage in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

  • Remove Possible Shelter

Roaches love inhabiting in cracks and crevices. In this case, you should fill in cracks and crevices and avoid storage of unnecessary items. The use of professional Roach Control Services is the most effective way that guarantees long term solutions when getting rid of roaches. The following are benefits of implementing roach control services for your home:

  • Regular Inspections

Regular inspections will finally reveal all possible hiding areas in your home. For long term support, you can schedule follow up visits for re-treatment. This will enable you to treat all possible hiding spots as you monitor the signs of their activities.

  • Certified Technicians

The use of pest control services means a reliable and highly experienced team of certified will be available to help you. They will also provide expert guidance on how you can prevent future re-infestation.

  • Targeted Chemical-Free Solutions

The use of non toxic products will minimize the risk of insecticides inside your home. Reliable pest control company will use targeted treatments in areas where roaches are prone such as in cracks and crevices. Targeted treatment products might include baits, dusting powder or even spray.