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Rodent Control Methods & Products In Huntersville, NC


Rats and mice are very common in any human populated places. As much as they are small animals, their presence in your home could be a big menace. This is primarily because they are very destructive and since they are accomplished chewers they have an ability of almost destroying anything they come across in Huntersville, NC.

Besides their destructive nature they are also potential vectors to life threatening conditions like plague and they are a home to a number of other insects that can transmit diseases too. A lot of people battle rats but sometimes eradicating them could be difficult. With the following control methods you can easily get rid of rats in your home.

Recommended Control Methods

Prevent Entry Into Your Home

The first way of controlling rodents in your home is by laying down measures that would deny them access to your house. Doing a little work like sealing openings, properly disposing your waste products and keeping your house neat would save you a great deal of fighting a full pledged invasion of rodents. You need to do a thorough inspection of your home and ensure that all the potential sites through which a rat or a mouse can get through are properly sealed.


Rat poisons can provide an effective way in controlling rats. There are a lot of extermination products that act as poisons to rats and for several years they have been effectively used in killing them. The best way of using this substances is by mixing them in food that rats love like fish. Place the mixture at the common hiding places of rats. However, it is very important to be watchful when killing rats in this methods since children and other pets can eat the food that was meant to kill the rats and this would mean a medical emergency.

Natural Predators

A cat and rats can never share a home. This is because cats feed on rodents. Cats are not destructive and having one as a pet in your house can be a good way of eradicating rats. It also offers a safe way of controlling rats since cats are very friendly to children.

Rat Deterrents

There are herbs that produce an odor that repels rats and if you are suffering an invasion you may need some of these herbs.  Planting wormwood and mint around your house would help in keeping rats away. This method is highly effective especially when used by several people in a neighborhood to help in making a wide area rat free.


If you do not want to use rodenticides, then you may consider using traps. These are apparatus that are designed to trick rats in to them and trap them. It is mostly effective indoors and with a few population rats.

Live Baits

Unlike traps that may kill the rat, live baits don’t. In live baits, rats are tricked in to a set up in which if it goes in it is impossible for it to come out.