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Insect Exterminator Company In Huntersville, NC


Most homeowners can deal with a pest infestation in the yard or garden, but when the pests invade your home, they can be a nuisance and can cause real structural damage to your property in Huntersville, NC. A small insect infestation can be dealt with easily through various DIY methods, however, if you cannot seem to eliminate a severe infestation on your own; the best thing that you can do is call an insect extermination company. Professional insect exterminator companies usually have all the resources and the skills needed to get rid of insects. However, a large number of them also use chemicals that are highly toxic to get the job done. 

These toxic chemicals can leave your house stinking long after the insect exterminator company has left. Worse still, the lingering smell is often an indicator that the chemicals are still present in the air, a fact that clearly poses a threat to you, your family, and any pets you may have in the home. Eco-friendly insect exterminator companies utilize naturally derived substances to kill any insects or repel them. Eco-friendly insect extermination protects you from the harmful effects of chemicals and sprays.  Many of the sprays that are used have been linked to numerous health issues such as birth defects, reproductive health issues, and even neurological defects and problems. Eco-friendly insect control services should always be the first line of defense against insects. The simple fact is that non-chemical solutions work just as well, as chemical ones without putting you at risk.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Eco-friendly pest control methods have less of an effect on the carbon footprint because they help to preserve and conserve the environment. Inorganic or artificial products are not only harmful to inhabitants but they also contribute a higher percentage of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, which is unacceptable.

Ecological Sustainability

Eco-friendly insect extermination methods maintain the natural food chain while chemical ones disrupt it by making the environment uninhabitable for both humans and animals. Some of the chemicals used to control insects are so corrosive that they have been known to erode wood, which can have severe consequences on the structural integrity of your property.


Because they are used so frequently, insects have developed a resistance to modern chemical insecticides. The resistance is passed on from one generation to the next, which makes it even harder to prevent future infestations. With Eco-friendly methods, on the other hand, the chances of resistance are extremely low.