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How To Prevent Insects From Infesting Your Home


Safety is the number one priority in the family. In our homes, we must secure optimum protection to us and our family to avoid danger, destruction, and illnesses. One of our most notorious enemies is pests. Be it indoor pests or lawn pests, they can be such a nuisance in maintaining the integrity of our houses.

Destructive Pests

One of the most commonly destructive pests is the termite. In the United States alone, millions of dollars are spent on maintenance and repair for termite damage at home. These creatures are very intelligent. In their colony, they can assess the weakest portions of a structure, and work their way from there. Imagine how much ground they can cover within days or months?

Another destructive and harmful pest is the mouse and the rat. These creatures are not as fragile as some people think. They can bring various diseases to our family such as Amoebiasis and Salmonellosis among many others.

Cockroaches are very notorious bacteria hoarders as well. Small as they are, they are very quick runners. They can spread around thousands of bacteria in just a minute. Imagine how much bacteria we take when we use our utensils and condiments in the kitchen and dining room. Living in some parts of North Carolina, we can experience various pest and insect infestation.

Prevent An Infestation 

Thus, it is necessary to look for insect control expert in North Carolina to prevent further infestation. Better yet, exercise due diligence in maintaining an insect-free home. There are various ways to prevent pests from ever infesting the home. Although they do not totally get rid of our pest problems, it is enough to lessen our problems in the house. First and foremost, you need to keep your surroundings clean and tidy all the time. Remember to regularly check the dark and unused spaces of your home. You will never know if there are insects living within distant compartments.

About Us 

To prevent rodents from entering your home, you can fix all the holes and possible entrances of mice. Better yet, you can use rat traps and rat repellants to go with your fixtures. If you are in North Carolina, you are lucky to have Lake Norman Home Services. Founded by Sam and Fran Newman in the 1900s, the company is insect extermination expect in North Carolina area. You will be sure that our methods are extremely lethal to pests but not to humans, animals, and plants.

At Lake Norman Home Services, we are dedicated to serving smiles on our customer’s faces. We want nothing more than to provide a safe environment you have always deserved. We provide all the necessary treatments without any additional charge. For as low as $30 per month, you can have the pest-free life you deserve. Say goodbye to cockroaches, mice, ants, termites, and many more. You would be crazy to go anywhere else. At Lake Norman Home Services, we've got it all for you!