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How To Prepare For A Termite Inspection


Picture an old cartoon with the over-exaggerated termite population rapidly chewing through everything in sight...the image in your head right now probably seems pretty silly but this portrayal doesn’t come from pure imagination. Termites are a reality that many face, feeding on wood and threatening the infrastructures of homes across the nation. These tiny creatures are commonly found in areas with high wood and moisture content, as their main diet consists of wood. An infestation has the capacity to creative dangerous environmental situations, along with major damage to your property and massive expenses for both repair and extermination.

Another effect that these pests implicate is the value of your house. It will drastically decrease if there is any type of infestation, making it very important for matters like these to be dealt with urgently.  As for having your home inspected by professionals, it is best that you know what to prepare for in the case that you receive bad news. It is important that before you allow inspectors to review your property, that you somehow de-clutter and prepare your home so that the inspectors won’t have a hard time detecting the infestation happening in your home.

Things You Should Do Prior To Your Inspection:

  • Clean Up Your Garage, Crawl Spaces, Etc. - It will definitely make a difference if you clear and de-clutter any items in your garage that might hinder the way for a thorough inspection to be done. You’ll be helping the inspector reach the most complicated corners and spots in your house, while tidying up and doing some much needed organizing!
  • De-Clutter & Tidy Up - If you have a house that is built above the soil ground, you have to make sure to try to check in on that area as well. Chances are, the inspector will also thoroughly check for any infestations in this area. So better prepare the path for the inspector and get unnecessary items removed from down there.
  • Attic Organization - Apparently this is one of the most known places for termites to be found. If you have an attic that is accessed through your ceiling, all you have to do is get up there and try to organize as much as you can. On the other hand, if your attic can be accessed through a closet, then you better remove your clothes until the inspector is already done with the inspection to create space for an in-depth search and evaluation.
  • Under The Sinks - As we’ve mentioned, termites thrive in dark and damp places. Therefore, living underneath your sinks maybe an ideal place for residency in your home. Inspectors will be checking this area, so if you have stored items underneath your sink, you can resort to removing them beforehand so that your items will not be in the way of the inspector.

Counting on a professional is always more reliable that your own evaluation. Professional services can provide you with the appropriate equipment and knowledge to keep your property safe from pests such as termites, who only want to bring harm to your home and wallet.

To be served with the highest quality services, you can count on Lake Norman Home Services! We are a team of pest control experts that aim to provide a safe and pest free environment for each and every one of our customers. Should you want to know more about our services, feel free to contact us through our details indicated in our website.