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Termite Inspection For Home Loan


It’s evident that most adults encounter the process of purchasing a home at some point, whether it be via loan or another arrangement. This large of investment is not something that should be taken lightly, as it requires great consideration and major decision-making. Some people have enough experience in purchasing a home and are aware that it actually takes a lot of planning and thinking through. Most of the time though, people forget the fact that they need to set a standard and have a concrete list of things to consider when buying a new home like a pest inspection.

A Common Pest to Inspect For

Termites, as we know, can be found almost anywhere in the world. They’re not even creatures that require much from their environment to live, you simply just give them a dark, moist place to live and they’ll probably stay there for years if undisturbed. While you may not be able to spot termites during your ocular visit in a house, you may be able to find some traces that could lead you to believe you have a termite problem and maybe even point you in the direction of their nest.

All we’re trying to say is, you must not forget to consider the probability of an infestation in a house that is being sold. Even if appears to be the most beautiful house in the neighborhood, with the most accessible location and stunning design...what lies beneath could be ugly. It will ultimately benefit you in the long run to inspect prior to making an offer, to see if there may be a termite infestation and what its density may be on that property. If there happen to be no signs of termites or any potential room for a termite infestation, then you’re good to go! However, if there are any slight signs that termites are roaming beneath the surface, a professional’s opinion is mandatory before further consideration (trust us, you’ll thank us later).

Mud Tunnels on Walls & Ceilings

Termites more often than not build shelter in the form of tubes that are made of mud, wood and well feces. This is where they are known to store their food, and they also use this tunnel to travel during the day so that they won’t get too much exposure to air and the sun.

Shed Wings 

It turns out that the grown male termites from big colonies are able to grow wings because of how well they are fed. If you’re lucky, this will be the first and easiest indicator when inspecting a house for any infestation. If you see shed wings in particular spots, then it can only mean that your place is nesting a colony of termites that are probably halfway into eating up the house’s foundation.

Papery Timber

Because termites feed on wood from the inside of tubes going outward, they always leave a thin layer of timber or paint on the surface. In effect, when you tap on these areas that have been damaged by termites, it will sound hollow and empty at all because the timber has more than likely been eaten away.

Lake Norman Home Services Services 

Our company provides the best services when it comes to dealing with different kinds of infestations. We offer services from preventive measures to protective maintenance measures against infestations. Our team of experts is trained well and can handle many different infestation situations. If you want our help, don’t hesitate to call us or click for a free quote!