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Professional Christmas Light Installation Near Me


There is something magical about the Christmas season! Even the most Grinch-like people themselves cannot dispute the joy, love, peace and selflessness that come with the festive season. Installing Christmas lights is one of the many ways that people can put their lovely homes into the celebration mood.  Unfortunately, not everyone has the time, and energy to install Christmas lights on their property. Nonetheless, there are professional Christmas installation companies that are ready to install Christmas lights for you.

With that being said, you need to know the best one that fits your budget, while giving you the service you deserve. A professional Christmas Light Installation company should be able and ready to do a custom design Christmas lighting display that fits your needs and budget. With over 50 years of service, Lake Norman Home Services is one of the top leading lighting companies, providing residential and commercial Christmas light installations in North and South Carolina.

What To Look For In A Professional 

With the vast experience, there is no holiday lighting display we cannot do! Here’s what to look out for when hiring a professional Christmas light installation company:


From creating a simple, yet incredible roof to the extravagance of a lighting show themed to music, a professional should be able to design a Christmas lighting display within your budget.  


In the world of Christmas installation, nothing can take the place of experience, that is why Lake Norman Home Services is the go-to-team if you are looking top-notch Christmas light installation service. Our dedicated management team combined with several years of experience installing holiday lighting displays makes us the best in the states.


Nobody wants to hire a company who lacks integrity. At Lake Norman Pest, we know how important your home is, and how the festive seasons is essential to you and your family, that is why we follow all state and federal laws, hire highly trained workers, and we are covered under state-mandated liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverages with business licensing. We guarantee our services and products are the best!


Our installation crews are highly trained, competent, and are capable of completing most jobs in a few hours. Our installers arrive on time and will always put a call through if running late.  Secondly, all light strands are custom-fit to your home, business site or whatever part of your property you wish to decorate.

Our connections are fit and watertight, cords are sophisticatedly hidden from view, and timers automatically turn your festive lights on and off. Being a pest control company, you get to enjoy a pest-free environment if you utilize our pest control services, as we use top-quality and commercial grade products.


We carefully remove holiday decorations just the same way we install them. You do not have to bother about the removal- we have got you covered! Storage  Holiday lighting storage option is made available after the festive season. You do not need to go through to the stress of searching for Christmas lights in your attic every festive season. We store Christmas lights for you and provide a receipt containing all the stored items.