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Are Christmas Lights Cheaper Than Light Bulbs?


The season of giving and sharing is waving and you don’t want your home to be left behind when it comes to decorations.  Christmas is one of the most awaited seasons every year because it is the time when all members of the family are together and catch up after their busy schedules. One of the most common Christmas decorations which you will see in residential and commercial properties are lights.

Yes, lights liven up the mood and it makes you feel that Christmas is indeed right around the corner. There are several lights you can use to and some tend to resort to light bulbs. The decision will still be yours if you put Christmas lights or light bulbs. Both can be expensive so you must know which one is cheaper yet good to use.

Not everyone is aware of the cost of Christmas lights and light bulbs as decors. Are Christmas Lights Cheaper than Light Bulbs?The price may vary so you cannot easily compare the two since there are factors that can contribute to the changes in expenses.

Let’s dig in and find out if Christmas lights are cheaper than light bulbs.

Christmas Lights

There are different types of Christmas lights that you can use for your home. There are LED lights and incandescent lights which are both pleasing when installed in your home. If you want to know which is better when it comes to prices, let’s breakdown each type now:

Incandescent Christmas Lights

If you are looking for Christmas lights which can be found everywhere, incandescent lights are the one. This type of Christmas light is available in stores and comes in different colors, wattage, quality, sizes, and prices. Incandescent lights come to light through heat and because of this, the bulbs end getting hot which can lead to burning of the skin if touched.

You can buy this type of light in several colors which can make your house look fancy and attractive. Even though it can become hot once it is plugged, it can still be good for your property. Incandescent lights can also be considered to be the regular lights you purchase in stores, malls, and more. It is affordable, can be installed easily, strands are longer, and can be very bright. But, if you choose this, there also drawbacks which you need to be aware of. Aside from it becomes hot, incandescent lights can consume too much energy and its lifespan is not guaranteed to last.

Incandescent Christmas lights can range from $154 to $670 but it can change depending on the quality, the number of bulbs, and more. This type is cheaper to purchase but can be costly when the electric bill comes.

LED Christmas Lights

Some are now jumping on LED Christmas lights for their home because it is long-lasting and can save energy. But, when it comes to prices, LED Christmas lights can be expensive. LED Christmas lights can range from $230 to $930 depending on the quality and number of lights per string.

You may spend more when you buy this type because each string of lights contains few lights and if you want to surround your home with LED Christmas lights, you need to buy more. Even though this type is expensive, it is a good investment because it can save energy, bring out bright lights, can choose different sizes of bulbs and cords, safe for everyone including the environment.

But, it may also be hard to maintain because lights are hard to replace and will be difficult to install which are its drawbacks. LED Christmas lights are expensive to buy but will save you money once your electric bill knocks on your door.  

So, Are Christmas Lights Cheaper Than Light Bulbs?

The expenses for having Christmas lights installation may depend on what type of lights you have at home. If you choose the incandescent lights, the energy consumption might be high because it needs heat to make it light your house. The more incandescent lights you have, the higher the bill goes. But, if your concern is buying it from the market, you may save more on incandescent lights since it is cheaper.

On the other hand, LED Christmas lights to conserve energy more when you install it in your home. It is cheaper when it uses electricity but if you buy it from stores, it can be expensive.

In terms of use, Christmas lights can be cheaper to be used during the season as it is only for decoration. But, if you wish to use outdoor Christmas lights safely even after the season, it can be costly because you need to install lots of it for it to give you a brighter environment.

As for light bulbs, it is cheaper to use for utility purposes as you don’t have to change it often. It can last for years before you change it. One light bulb can make your place bright already depending on the watt you chose. The higher the wattage, the brighter it can get and the price varies as well.

The cheapness of Christmas lights will depend on your discretion. If you want to put up LED Christmas lights which is cheaper in energy but expensive to buy, you may do so. But if you want to save money on buying Christmas lights, incandescent lights are the one but your electric consumption may surge. Whatever you choose, make sure that it will keep you safe and at ease when you install it in your home.

Your home will never be complete if you don’t put up decorations when Christmas is about to come. Of course, you will choose which lights are good yet cheaper. Whatever you choose, no one will judge you because it is your home which you will decorate. Whether you want the cheaper one or the most expensive one, go for it as long as it makes you happy.

Make sure that your choice will never make your regret in the end. The cheapness of Christmas lights will depend on your choice.