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Lake Norman Pest Control Is Now Lake Norman Home Services!

“I Never Thought I Would Ever Need Pest Extermination”


During the Christmas of 2018 in Cornelius, North Carolina, My family and I decided to throw a barbecue party for the whole clan as a form of reunion. As early as the 1st week of December, we made the necessary arrangements for the upcoming party of the year for the family. We didn’t want to hire a catering service because you wanted it to be more special. We decided to cook alongside the family members as a form of bonding and recreation. Sad to say, because of the number of people who sent their RSVP’s, we knew, we were going to be more manpower to assist us in our project.  Which is why we needed to ask for more utensils and cookeries to use at home.

In A Series Of Unfortunate Pest Events

Two days before the grand union, my cousins brought each and every possible tool for cooking from their own houses. That was the beauty of living in the suburbs, everybody’s close to each other. Sometimes, even the neighbors are inclined to help.  The problem with this was we never anticipated the unfortunate events to ruin the big day. Of course, we cooked some of the meals ahead of time. so, we needed various food compartments to store it into. Little did we know that there were various pests brooding in the deepest, darkest, and least noticed portions of our home.

We must have attracted them to join the party the moment we started cooking. At first, we did not notice it back then. We cleaned every utensil and cookery we used. We even wiped every compartment clean. The problem was, pests were more cunning as we thought. We always knew that our Food Storage compartments were impenetrable by uncontrolled forces.  

One day before the grand reunion, we decided to check the stored food in our closets and food compartments only to find that most of which we cooked were already spoiled by cockroaches and ants. Our garbage cans were infested with mice. And we saw other species we never thought was possible to infest food. We were so devastated that day because we knew we had to redo all the work for the reunion the next day. But before we could continue, we had to look for a fast and competent pest control service in Cornelius, NC.

The Search For Lake Norman Home Services

We scoured the web for any pest control provider in our area and gathered every insight our neighbors knew. So far, most of the people we knew recommended Lake Norman Home Services. And so, we called their hotline for a fast-paced service and within minutes, an exterminator came knocking on our door.  We were surprised by his competence in his line of work. It was like he knew pests from the inside out. He was an expert in dealing with them and hitting them where it hurts the most. Of course, we asked the exterminator if the residue is safe for human contact. Luckily, we chose the right service to hire.

At Lake Norman Home Services, they provide high-quality service at a very low price. And their local experts in Cornelius, NC pride themselves in using state-of-the-art and human-friendly means of extermination. It did not take long for the exterminator to do his job. In fact, he even gave us some advice to avoid further infestation in our home. We checked the time and it was only 10:00 AM, which gives us more time to redo all the work to be ready for tomorrow. All thanks to Lake Norman Home Services!