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Lake Norman Pest Control Is Now Lake Norman Home Services!

Inside The Shoe Box


Pests, like humans and animals, have their own nature of protecting their young from potential predators. Much like parents, it is their utmost responsibility to provide shelter and food to their family to survive. As humans, we see pests as just that, nuisance, destructive, and dangerous to our health but there is a deeper reason behind their actions and activities. Residents of North Carolina are also susceptible to pest infestation because of the favorable weather conditions in the area. Since the existence of the pests in the area is quite inevitable, worry not, because there is a solution to this problem, as also said by a certain pest expert in Cornelius, NC.

Why Are There Insects in My Shoebox?

Sometimes, we open up our shoe boxes only to find one pest species to the next. In one shoe box, there are ants. In another, there are ootheca or cockroach eggs. On other occasions, we look at our shoeboxes and see how it got torn apart by mice or rats. Ants are very sociable creatures.  Most people disagree that ants are considered pests because other people deem it as a natural phenomenon to have ants inside our home. Plus, they contribute wonders to the ecosystem and environment. But there is a reason why are labeled as one of the most common pests.

Firstly, they can bring thousands of bacteria to our homes. We all know that these small creatures are constant travelers. And in those ventures, we never know for sure what bacteria and parasites got a hold of their small bodies. With their number, who is to say, our whole house will not be infested in a matter of days? The reason why they exist in the shoebox is to secure the growth of their young as they travel around the house scouring for food to give. So, if you are wondering why insects live inside the shoe box, it is to do the right thing for their group and protect it from danger.

Seek Professional Help

Everybody has their own reasons for implementing several methods of pest control. Be it insectophobia or Entomophobia, or other reasons such as safety and security from bacteria, we should raise awareness about the dangers that these insects pose to our family and home.  During this season, there is a growing need for pest control services, especially in the suburbs. But to look for an expert pest control you need to consider a few things such as knowledge, skill, affordability, and professionalism.

Lake Norman Home Services 

Luckily, in North Carolina, there is a pest control company in Cornelius, NC who has it all for you.  Over the years of my existence, I have always known Lake Norman Home Services to the people’s service, especially during times when we need their help the most.  

For more than 50 years, this humble company has been providing high-quality service to its respectful clients. With a helpful and competent exterminator at Lake Norman Home Services, you can have a pest-free home in no time.  The plus side is, you can experience an all-round service for an affordable price! For just $30.00 a month, Lake Norman Home Services will surely get rid of all kinds of pest activity inside and outside your home. All it takes is one quick call!