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Avoid Phobia Towards Pests


This is the story of how I developed Katsaridaphobia as a child. This condition, also known as the fear of cockroaches, can be very dysfunctional among people of all ages. Most people know about the term phobia. But only a few know how it can really affect a person. Phobia is an excessive and irrational fear that causes panic attacks, physical pain and other symptoms of fear. It inhibits a person from living a normal life, given his inability to function properly especially when there is a presumed threat. A phobia can cause a person to do wild and unimaginable things to avoid his weakness. We must avoid the occurrence of this disorder among our children.

Katsaridaphobia - The Fear Of Cockroaches

When I was a young girl, I was fond of joining dance competitions and parades until high school in Cornelius, North Carolina. The moment I developed Katsaridaphobia changed my life and my passion for good. So, I was about to left home early to go to town because I joined a street dance parade and it was time to perform. I was already late so I prepared as fast as I could, put on my shoes and ran off to catch the next bus.

During the performance, I felt something on the sole of my feet. It was pretty itchy and irritating. It was difficult for me to concentrate on my moves. I thought that it was just some bug that got stuck on my shoe. Minutes later, the irritating feeling moved up to my legs and then my stomach. I felt it crawl all over my body for the whole duration of the parade. No matter what, I never broke character, and kept dancing steadily up my feet. But when we reached the finish point, I went crazy and took my costume out. I was screaming frantically, removing every sensation of the cockroach crawling all over my body. 

Since then, I had nightmares about cockroaches and I never looked or touched a cockroach again. For months, I was unable to function even though we contacted local pest expert in Cornelius, NC to remove every trace of this pesky pest.  At times, I did not want to go to the kitchen or dining room where I know cockroaches infested. I also did not want to go into my room without getting my dad to check every space for any sign of cockroaches. Luckily, my mom took me to a psychologist who was able to help me get through my trauma by using therapy.

Seek Professional Help

Do not take the infestation of cockroaches for granted. Do not let your children experience a situation where their psychological and emotional aspect is triggered by pests. Seek for help against pests. If you are in Cornelius, North Carolina, you are lucky to have Lake Norman Home Services at your service. With the help of their experts, you can have a pest-free environment at a very cheap price.

This local exterminator in Cornelis, NC pride themselves in using proven and tested methods of pest control which are safe for humans and animals, including plants. You will be crazy to look for anybody else. Lake Norman Home Services changed many lives for the better, including mine. Why don’t you give them a call to find out the reason behind?