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Pest Wars: Put An End To Weevils


Weevils may sound like “evil”, and though they are not as bad as they sound, they are very common pests in the household that you would want to get rid of. Weevils are also known as flour bugs, but there are other types, like the rice weevil, maize weevil, grain weevil, and the seed weevil. In Denver, North Carolina, the presence of weevils in many households is never a good impression, that is why there is a need for professional help from pest control company in Denver, NC to fully eliminate this kind of pest.

Weevils As Pests

Weevils are actually small beetles. They are characterized by their long snouts which they use for boring holes on grains, pasta, timber, flour, and cereal. Their mouths are at the end of their snout, and they are dark in color.  Weevils are also a nuisance for homeowners. They attack homes in great numbers.

They pass through small openings around the house and you can often find them on the walls and the windowsills. As agricultural pests, they damage and kill crops; crops like corn, grain, and cotton. As garden pests, they can kill your garden plants. They feed on plants and crops. That is why they are always found in gardens, on plants, and orchards.  


Here are some ways to get rid of these pesky weevils.

  1. Dispose of the food products that are contaminated by weevils. Once contaminated, you really have no more use for these foods. If there are weevils in food products that you just bought from the store, return them to the store immediately. Take time to ensure it will be destroyed so that they would not have to spread to other areas.
  2. Thoroughly vacuum the areas that were infested by the weevils, especially in the cupboards.
  3. Seal food in airtight containers and store them in dry areas. Doing this cuts off their food source.
  4. Seal off all cracks an opening in your house, as weevils can make this their entry points.
  5. Weevils prefer dark and damp places. Put a damp cloth in dark places within your house. Weevils will be attracted to it, luring them and eventually trapping them. Once you find enough weevils on the cloth, put the cloth in water to wash them away.  Do this as often as necessary.
  6. You may also try some natural methods, like using neem oil or bay leaves. Spray the neem oils on places you often find weevils. The bay leaves are natural repellents. You may put them in your rice or cereal containers.

Remember not to use chemical treatments because it is unsafe to be used near food.

Call The Pest Experts In Denver, NC

If weevils are too much to handle,  then the pest experts in Denver, NC - Lake Norman Home Services Company - is here to help. Lake Norman Home Services has excellent experience in handling pests like weevils. They have highly skilled and well-trained technicians utilizing the latest and most sophisticated equipment in the business, so you can really say goodbye to those pests.

They have family friendly and pet-friendly methods of extermination, making you and your family safe from any harm. Lake Norman Home Services Company is a family owned business and has earned the trust of residents and businesses alike in Denver for more than 50 years now.