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How To Get Rid Of Mice Fast In Mooresville, NC


Are you tired of the sleepless nights of because of the scratching and gnawing of mice all over your house? Hearing their gnawing and scratching is very irritating especially after a long, hard day. All we want is to have a long sleep. But these creatures make it impossible. It makes us want to tear the house down and exterminate those mice once and for all.

But it is a bit difficult to do, especially when we are inexperienced in the field. For this reason, we have created a quick guide on how to eliminate these creatures from your home.

To some people, they think that it’s okay to have mice at home. There are people who actually disregard the dangers of having these creatures in the household. Though it is totally normal to have at least 1 mice at home, never underestimate the many dangers it can cause to your family. 

Damages Caused By Mice

House fires are one of the greatest dangers of mice at home. When these creatures run out of food to eat, they usually target wires and powerlines on the ceiling, walls, and appliances. Mice cause a significant number of house fires in the United States alone. Without knowing it, the gnaw marks that mice cause wires can spark a huge fire, endangering your family and your belongings.

Furthermore, a mouse can go in-between walls by boring walls. These creatures do a great job in creating perfectly-crafted holes on walls. Unlike rats who create roughly shaped holes on our foundation. The worst part is, this hole is a passageway for all of their mouse friends and other potential insects to come. I can only imagine the damage that these insects can cause a full-on infestation.

See, these types of rodents are very good runners and jumpers. They can run and jump up to the farthest and highest portions of our house. Like ninjas, they can do this quietly without alerting anybody.

For all we know, they might have contaminated our stored food and beverages already. This makes it very inconvenient to adjust. Imagine getting to check and sanitize every single food package.

Despite a mouse’s small body, it has a ravenous appetite. It can eat more than 20 times a day. Their search for food never ceases. You do not expect them to sleep at night. They even enjoy to eat more when we are asleep– no distractions, and no humans to keep them at bay. 

Apart from the fact that a mouse can harbor bacteria and spread it at home, their droppings alone can pose a great danger to our loved ones. Did you know that once ingested, their droppings can cause inflammation, atherosclerosis, amoebiasis, Huntington’s disease, neoplasm, salmonella, and meningitis? You can see how dangerous it is for our children to ingest even a tiny bit of mouse dropping. 

Mice Prevention Tips

There are many reasons to prevent mice from entering your house. Before you experience a full-on infestation, it is best to do apply precautionary measures. If you are worried you can’t do these right, you don’t have to worry. The methods of mice prevention are way easier than the methods for eliminating them. Without further ado, here are some tips to prevent mice from home. 

Responsible Housekeeping

The most practical way to prevent mice from infesting your home always keeps your house neat and clean. Here are some activities to employ as a responsible housekeeper.  

1. Sweeping and Wiping. These are the two most common ways to prevent pest infestations at home. There is also the most basic and easiest form of prevention. You see, most households who are infested by numerous pests are because of their poor housekeeping skills - their lack of responsibility to clean their homes. Sweeping and wiping are the best and cheapest way to prevent any pest from entering your home. All it needs is a broom and a cloth.

2. This method helps eliminate stains, breadcrumbs, and food crumbs that attract mice and other insects. It is a wonderful method to keep your surroundings tidy. Schedule a daily routine for cleaning your house. Better yet, do it as needed. 

3. Vacuuming. There are some areas in the house that could not be reached using a broom. A vacuum has facets that allow you to reach even the farthest and smallest compartments in your house. Plus, if your home has fissures and cracks on its floors and walls, a vacuum is an effective tool to get rid of all the crumbs that are stuck inside those fissures. 

4. Avoid Cluttering. Did you know that clutters are a mouse’s best friend? It pays off to organize your things as you use them. Avoid leaving your books, clothes, garments, accessories and other belongings on your floor, sofas, and bedding. Always remember to put them to their proper places. You see, mice are very shy animals. They do not want to be seen by humans and other animals. So, to hide from your house, they will need a cover. Your cluttered properties are very good examples of these covers they need to infest your house for good. 

5. Do Laundry More Often. Some of you may be wondering, what is the significance of doing the laundry to prevent mice. Simply put, just like any other common pest in the household, mice have a very good sense of smell. They are attracted to sweat, dirty clothes, and stains. So, to prevent your clothes to be a gnawing target, always keep them washed. Some of us prefer to wash clothes only once a week. But experts suggest to do it more often. Never stack your dirty clothes for a long period of time because it can attract a lot more than mice, even cockroaches as well. 

6. Wash the Dishes as you Use them. Remember the food stains that we cannot get rid off of plates and pots? Mice will be more than happy to do it for you. Whenever we wash our dishes, we often think, “That should do it.” Think again. Make sure that your dishes and pots are washed properly. Mice can smell the stain on top of the dishwashing soap. If you don’t want them to target your utensils, wash them thoroughly. Make sure that there are no oils or stains left. One tip that hygienists share is to wash the sponge while washing to avoid the oil from spreading from one utensil to another. 

7. In addition, after washing the dishes, make sure to dry them properly and store in a cool, dry place. Mice love moist. So, if you store your utensils in moist areas, it is possible that insects will infest it. 

8. Use tight lids for your garbage. One of the reasons why mice reach our homes is our garbage disposal bins. F they detect that they have a potential food source in your area, they are more likely to visit your place and infest. The best way to prevent mice from infesting your home is to use bins with tight lids. Make sure that it is impossible for pests to infiltrate. It is also recommended to keep your trash at least 7 feet away from your house proper. Or else, pests are more likely to enter your homes. 

Checking Your Home Perimeter

This is one of the most important ways to prevent pests such as mice to enter your home. If possible, schedule a monthly or weekly inspection for any fissure, crevice, or holes on your walls. Check for broken shingles, torn window panes, and spaces in between your ledges. These are the primary entryways of mice to enter your home. Never think that these crevices are too small for mice to pass through. These creatures are very clever and very acrobatic. They can either squeeze themselves into small holes or make these holes bigger so they can enter.

If you see holes and crevices, it is best to do the necessary actions to fox or block it. If not, call for your local carpenter to help you with this task. It usually takes half a day, provided they have the materials needed for covering and maintaining your home.

Never hesitate to invest in your home. It is your first line of defense. Hence, you need to make sure that it does not work in preventing pests from causing a nuisance to your family. 

Call For Professional Help

Lastly, the best way to prevent and eliminate mice from home is to call for professional help. If you are looking for a competent pest control provider in Mooresville, contact Lake Norman Home Services as the best provider for extermination.

This company provides high-quality services at a very affordable price. Dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction, Lake Norman Home Services will solve all of your pest problems instantly. Experience well-trained exterminators at work using proven and tested methods of pest control. With their assistance, you can have the pest-free environment you have always deserved. Contact us now!