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Common Pest Entry Points You Need To Check

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A pest-free home is what everyone desires because it only means they are safe from illnesses, damages, and infestations. Living in a house where you cannot see cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, fleas, termites, rodents, and more is like you are in cloud nine because you don't have worries to think and anxiety will not get you.

Tips To Keeping Pests Away For Good

However, this can only be a dream because a pest-free home is hard to reach. Pests are pesky and smart so they can find their own ways to get inside your home and infest. They can easily get inside your house and that's made possible by the common entry points which they only know. Pests like cockroaches, ants, termites, and rodents can infiltrate your home quickly, thanks to the entry points available in your home. Keeping entrances open will indeed attract pests and when they are inside, they will never go out.

The common entry points serve as a gateway for pests to invade your home anytime. That's why a pest control company in Cornelius suggests that you block entry points as quickly as possible after you found these at home. But, do you know the common entry points of pests in your home? Well,  if you are done with having pests, then here are entry points you need to watch out to avoid pests from invading and infesting your home. Check these out! 

Foundation Cracks

One of the common pest entry points you need to watch out is the foundation cracks. Pests will find your foundation and if cracks are found, they will take it as an opportunity to get inside your home. Apest exterminator in Cornelius suggests that sealing foundation cracks will help in eliminating pests and preventing them from coming inside because once they find their way in, you can never drive them out. No matter how small cracks are, pests can enter and will begin to infest. 

Exhaust Fans

The exhaust fans you have at home can be entry points for pests. Even though installing exhaust fans can be helpful since it removes humidity in your bathroom and kitchen, still, it can be a way for pests and insects to enter your home. If you want to have exhaust fans, make sure that it is checked regularly to see if pests are present or not. Or better yet, put screens to ensure that no pest can get through especially the tiny ones. A pest exterminator in Cornelius suggests that you should check your exhaust fans for possible pest entries.


Your doors are made for people to enter but pests take advantage of it as well. Doors are big so it is easier for pests to get through it especially if you always leave it open. But, don't think that they will be using the door itself because they can get through tiny holes found in your doors. If you check your doors carefully and see light is passing through holes, then it means that pests are using it as entrances for them to invade your home.

You should not only check your main door but your garage door as well. If your garage door is attached to your home, then it can be a place for pests to get through. Since people leave their garage doors open whenever they are at home, it is the time pests crawl inside without your idea. According to a pest exterminator in Cornelius, you should check your doors for holes or cracks and keep it closed at all times even when you are at home.


Another common entry point pests used to enter your home is the siding. Yes, if your siding has gaps, then it can be a place for pests to make an entrance. It is not good to give pests chances to penetrate your home because it can lead to infestations. So, if your siding is open, it can be a place for termites to crawl in or worst, ants will make it as their breeding ground. You are helping pests to increase their population and because of this, the extermination will take time. Once your siding has damages, make sure to fix it as quickly as possible to stop pests from attracting. Or better yet, call a pest exterminator in Cornelius to help you get rid of pesky pests.


If your home is surrounded by trees, you should be careful because trees can be used for entering your place. There are pests that will crawl up the trees and use the branches as a bridge to penetrate. If trees are touching your property, better cut down the branches to prevent any pest from coming inside your home. Smaller pests like termites and ants will get into your walls and will search for food while the bigger pests can easily access your roof with the help of trees. Even the shrubs you have at home can be an entry point for pests. To avoid any vermin to enter your home through trees, a pest exterminator in Cornelius suggests that you prune the shrubs and branches.


Pests will not only enter your home on entry points which are visible but they will also get inside secretly through gutters. If your gutters are filthy, it is more attractive to pests because they love dirt! You will not only invite one pest but several of them and dealing with them can give you a headache. Gutters can be a breeding place for some pests and can be a nesting place if it is kept filthy. Since the place has water, it can help pests to survive and if you want to keep pests away for good, keep your gutters clean as often as possible. If pests are being out of control, a pest exterminator in Cornelius is already what you need.

Crawl Spaces

The crawl spaces you have at home are common entry points for pests and you need to watch out! There can be lots of crawl spaces in your home and if you don’t check it, pests may have been entering without you noticing them. So, make sure that crawl spaces are inspected regularly especially if you suspect a pest infestation is happening. However, assessing crawl spaces can be hard for you so you can hire a pest exterminator in Cornelius to do the work for you for better results.

Owner Of The House

This may sound impossible but we know how pests hitchhike just to enter your property. Bed bugs, for example, will cling into your clothes or bags to get inside your home. If you don’t check your clothing or belonging to pests before entering your home, you can bring them inside accidentally and it will be the time for them to infest. Aside from your clothes or bags, they can also hitchhike on boxes or anything they can cling at. So, as a homeowner, you need to look for pests in your body or things for assurance.

Here you go! These common entry points should be watched out for better pest control. If you don’t check these places, pests can sneak into your place and will begin to cause infestations and damages. If you need professional help, a pest control company in Cornelius is ready to treat your home.

Professional Pest Control Company In North Carolina

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With Lake Norman Home Services, your home will not suffer anymore from pest infestations because they assure you that everything is treated effectively to drive pests away. The company guarantees that you will say goodbye to pests in no time and will be able to enjoy your home for yourself. The company also ensures that after pest treatments, no future infestations will occur. When you are in need of a professional, you don’t need to look further because Lake Norman Home Services is here! Call them and they are ready to serve you and fulfill your pest control needs!