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Things To Do Before & After A Pest Treatment

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Pest treatment is a must when pest infestations are occurring. Cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, termites, fleas, and bed bugs are the typical pests you will see at home which you want to drive away as quickly as possible. These pests don't only pose risks for health but they can be damaging to properties as well.

How to Prepare for a Pest Extermination Service

Pests are annoying and because of this, they should be driven away fast. The more you ignore pests, the better for them because you are giving them the chance to infest more. To stop them from causing issues, you need pest treatments from a pest control company in Troutman.

Pest treatment can help in minimizing infestations and pest presence since a professional uses appropriate treatments that are intended for the pest. Using treatments, it is possible to make your home pest-free in no time.

Of course, when pest treatment is the matter, you need to be aware of the things you need to do. There are practices that you have to perform before the treatment is applied. Also, after the treatment, you need to do things to keep you, your family, and your pets unharmed. Here are the things you need to do before and after a pest treatment that you have to remember.

Before Pest Treatment

Before a professional comes to your home for pest treatment, you need to prepare your place and things first so that everything will go smoothly. Here are the things you need to do before the treatment:

Make Your Home Accessible

Of course, when a pest exterminator in Troutman performs pest treatment, he has to move around your house to apply the treatments properly. If there are obstructions in your house, the pro will never be able to freely move which can delay the process. If you asked for pest treatment, the first thing you need to do is to make your home accessible. Remove things that can block the exterminator from doing its job. Move away furniture, appliances, and more to allow the exterminator to reach even the corners of your home. In this way, there will be no area left behind. 

Clear Your Dining Area & Kitchen

You should not only make your home accessible, but you also have to clear your dining area and kitchen as well. These places are the common places pests visit since it is where food sources and moisture are present. These places can also be heavily infested if you don't treat them right away. So, before a pest treatment, you need to remove everything on your countertops and kitchen cabinets since these areas can also be treated. Utensils, plates, cups, and more should be covered and stored properly to avoid it from getting sprayed. Don't forget to cover the water outlets and keep food safely in airtight containers to avoid pests from infesting it. The sinks in your kitchen should be left uncovered as it will be sprayed by a pest exterminator in Troutman once the treatment starts. Your refrigerator should be unplugged so remove perishable foods. Make sure that your kitchen and dining area are cleared before the process. 

Keep Your Belongings Safe

Aside from preparing the infested areas, you also have to keep your belongings safe since it can be sprayed if not covered. Your clothes, jewelry, toiletries, and more should be packed in plastic bags to keep them from harsh chemicals. After packing, place it inside your cabinets for safekeeping. Make sure that no gaps or holes are open so that pests will not be able to penetrate.

Also, your bedding, mattresses, cushions, etc. should be removed as well to prevent it from absorbing the chemicals. Your living room area should be protected as well. Cover the sofa, tables, and chairs as well and if termites are your enemies, make sure your wooden furniture is cleared so that it will be treated properly by your hired pest exterminator in Troutman. 

Bring Out Your Pets

If you have pets, you need to take good care of them before a pest treatment as they are very sensitive to chemicals. It could be best to bring them out of your place before a pest treatment so that your furry friends will not be harmed. You can let another family member or a neighbor take care of your pets and get them after it is okay for them to come home.

To keep your pets safe, make sure all pet's belongings are properly kept so that no chemicals will cling to their bedding or toys. If your pet is having fleas or ticks, bring it to the vet for better treatment. Before a pest exterminator in Troutman does pest treatment, you should already have brought out your pets.  

After Pest Treatment

When the pest treatment is over, it is time that you should be extra careful as chemicals are sprayed everywhere and we know how these can get toxic. So, here are the things you need to do after the pest treatment. 

Learn To Wait

Since chemicals are applied, it is not good to get inside the treated area immediately after the treatment is done. So, you need to learn how to wait. You have to go inside your house at the time suggested by the pest exterminator in Troutman because it will save you from the bad effects of chemicals. If you insist on penetrating your house after the treatment, you are putting your health at risk. 

Don't Clean Immediately

Cleaning should be done before the treatment and not after because you are removing the treatments applied. You can clean by vacuuming or cleaning but skip the treated areas like floors, boards, and more. You should let the pesticides stay to keep pests away. A pest exterminator in Troutman will advise you to avoid cleaning or mopping after the treatment and you need to follow. 

Continue to Inspect Your House

Even if a pest treatment is applied, you still have to inspect your home for pests because there is a chance that some pests will still be present. Also, dead pests will be seen after the treatment so you have to be mindful because it can attract other pests which will be more troublesome. As a homeowner, you also need to do your part so after the treatment done by a pest exterminator in Troutman, don't forget to check. 

Keep Yourself Protected

Since pest treatment chemicals are used, it will not be good for you to be unprotected when you enter the treated area. Inhaling chemicals will be bad for your health and making contact with the pesticides will be damaging. So, make sure to wear gloves to protect your hands. If you use bare hands in touching treated areas or unpacking your things, it will be bad for your skin. A pest exterminator in Troutman always advises that you also need to protect yourself to avoid accidents. 

Remove Mess

After the treatment, it is natural to have a mess around your home. However, leaving them be is not good for your home. Removing messes such as papers, magazines, and newspapers is good because you are depriving pests of food. These papers can be food sources, especially for termites that are after cellulose and papers containing it. By removing the mess, you are preventing pests from coming but be sure to be protected when decluttering to avoid yourself from danger. A pest exterminator in Troutman will tell you what to do after the treatment. 

Fix Water Leaks

Pests are not only after food sources but they will find moisture as well. If after the treatment there are water leaks, a pest exterminator in Troutman suggests that you have to fix it as quickly as possible. Since moisture is important to pests, they will instantly head over to your house when they find out that water is present. That's why water leaks should be fixed as it can prevent re-infestation from happening. If you need help, a well-reviewed company for getting rid of bugs is ready to lend a hand anytime. 

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