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Common Spring Pests You Will Encounter & How To Prevent Them

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The winter season is about to end which means that spring is waiting for it to kick in. Spring is the time when pests become active once again after hibernating or hiding in warm areas. It is the most awaited time of pests like termites, ants, rodents, spiders, and more because they can be active again and they are unstoppable. 

Prepare For Pests Before Spring Arrives

Pests will infest any season whether it is too hot or too cold, they will be around your property causing troubles. There are some pests that are commonly seen during spring and you need to know them before the spring season comes in so that you can avoid them.

However, some ignore pest control before and during spring just because they haven’t experienced pest infestations during winter. They think that pests will not also come when the cold season is finally over. They can be wrong since pests are more active during spring so they are determined to invade homes to look for food, moisture, and mating partners.

Expect that when spring comes, you will lot of pests coming in and out of your home looking for their needs. It is not okay because you, your family, and property are the ones to suffer.

If you want to be prepared before spring comes, you should know the common pests that you will encounter and what can you do to prevent them.


One of the common spring pests you will encounter is flies.

All species of flies will be around once winter is over because spring is the time for them to look for a place to lay eggs. With this, you will experience a swarm of flies that are pesky. We know that flies carry bacteria which can lead to health problems. Flies are dirty as they land on everything even human and animal wastes so if you allow the pest to land on your food, you can experience contamination or worse, have digestive problems due to the germs transmitted by flies.

If you want to keep your spring free from flies, make sure to call a pest exterminator in Cornelius to help you get rid of flies for good.

Carpenter Ants

Ants are pesky pests because with their small size, they can bring huge household problems and some of them leave painful bites. One species of ants are carpenter ants and they are among the common pests you will encounter in spring.

The pest will forage for shelter and food so when spring is up, they will immediately do it and you’re unlucky if they have chosen your home as their shelter. Carpenter ants are destructive as they will create holes on the walls and make your home structure as their nests. They don’t eat wood but they are interested in wood because it is their shelter. The pest can enter your home through cracks, foundation, electrical wires, vents, and piping found in your home.

If you want to stop them from coming in spring, make sure to hire a pest exterminator in Cornelius to get rid of them successfully. 


Termites are among the pests you would not want to have at home because they are destructive. The pest is named as a silent destroyer because it can cause damages to your property without giving you any notice. They can signal warnings that they are present in your home but you will only find out that they have already ruined the foundation and structure once you decide to inspect.

Termites love wood and where wood is present, they are there as well. When spring comes, termites become active because they love the warm temperature. They will begin to infest and will seriously find a way to get inside your home.

If you see mounds, mud tunnels on walls, woods with hollow sounds, winged termites flying, or cracked wood, it could be a sign of termite infestation. 


Mosquitoes are known to be the most dangerous animal in the word because with their bites, they can transmit deadly diseases and they have been the cause of deaths of millions of people around the world.

They are carriers of malaria, Zika virus, encephalitis, chikungunya, and dengue fever. When spring is about to come, the pest becomes active again and they look for a breeding ground where they can lay eggs. They will also get near you especially female mosquitoes because your blood contains proteins that they need to develop and lay eggs.

Once spring comes, it is the time for them to increase their numbers so you need to call local exterminators for killing mosquitoes and flying insects to stop them before they grow their population.


Rodents are among the common pests you will encounter during spring and their effects on your property will not make you happy. During spring, rodents begin to reproduce and they can give birth to several babies.

After 24 hours of giving birth, female rodents can get pregnant once again. When young ones reached six weeks, they can begin to reproduce as well which means they will never stop in adding their numbers. With this, you should be worried because rodents become active during spring. The pest is also known to spread serious illnesses and can cause property damages if you don’t get rid of them.

To keep your home rodent-free, what you need is a pest exterminator in Cornelius who is capable of eliminating rodents found in your home.

Wasps & Bees

Stinging insects can be active during spring and they are among the common pests you will encounter. Wasps and bees are present during spring because they will look for a place to build their new colonies and their queen will begin to lay eggs. They will look for mating partners which will help in bringing new generations in the future. Stinging insects should not be tolerated in your home because once they are threatened, they can sting.

To avoid them during spring, let a pest exterminator in Cornelius do the work.

How To Prevent Spring Pests

If you want to avoid spring pests to come, you should know tips on how you can make it happen. Here’s how:

Block Cracks & Crevices 

Pests can enter your home through cracks and crevices. If you keep these open, during spring, pests can easily access your place and begin to infest. To avoid them from coming, you should start blocking cracks and crevices which are entry points. If you deprive them of entry, they wouldn’t dare to come.

Remove Moisture 

Since pests have been hiding during winter, they have been waiting for spring to come. When the season of bloom enters, they will start to look for moisture which will help them survive. Almost all pests need moisture because it can help them thrive but if you rob them of it, they will find a new place or will die which is good. 

Store Food Properly

Aside from moisture, pests need food as well. We know that all pests forage for food so that they can bring it back to their nests and share with others. Pests can eat almost everything including cardboard boxes but they are more interested in the food you eat. If you want to avoid food contamination, you better start storing food properly. Use airtight containers or glass jars that are hard to penetrate. When you prevent them from reaching food sources, they will give up and look for another place to infest.

Call A Professional Exterminator

When you can’t control pests anymore due to infestations, a professional pest exterminator in Cornelius is what you need. A pro can get rid of pests instantly as they use treatments made for the pest you have at home. A pest exterminator is also familiar with pests so he knows where they hide, how they behave, and what they do during spring.

If you need a pest exterminator in Cornelius, you can call Lake Norman Home Services.

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