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How To Enjoy A BBQ Party Without Pests

mosquito on a blade of grass

Having simple or spontaneous parties at home with friends or families is the best! You are able to spend more time with your loved ones, share stories, do catch up, and eat delicious foods. One of the simplest parties you can throw in your house is a BBQ party. BBQ parties are more famous during summer because the weather is good outside and your backyard is the perfect venue for the party. You can grill fresh meats which you will share with your families or friends over good and fun conversations. However, the fun ends when pests are around.

Summer Time = BBQ Party

Pests are one of the most annoying household problems you wish that never happens.

Cockroaches, flies, ants, termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, and more are some of the pesky pests which can invade and infest your home. They are never picky when it comes to the time of penetrating a home because anytime, they can come and it will be a problem you need to face.

When pests are around, a pest control company should be called because a pro can get rid of vermin successfully.

If you want your BBQ party to start and end well, you need an exterminator to help you out. But, if you don’t have enough time to call a professional since your BBQ party is near, that’s okay because there are ways of getting rid of pests on my backyard and home and how you can still enjoy BBQ without pests. Here’s how:

Apply Pest Repellents

Since you will have your BBQ party outside of your house, you need to apply pest repellents because pests can be around.

Mosquitoes are one of your main enemies during the BBQ party not because they are interested in the tasty meat, but they are after you. We know how dangerous mosquitoes are because, with their bites, you can get deadly diseases like malaria, encephalitis, Zika virus, dengue fever, and more.

If you want your party to be free from pests, don’t forget to put repellents because it can help in driving pests away. The strong smell of pest repellents is what pests hate so when they smell it, they will immediately fly or crawl away.

Make sure that the pest repellents you use have DEET which is an active ingredient approved by EPA. 

Get Rid Of Standing Water

Standing water is one of the attractants of pests and if you don’t get rid of it, your BBQ party can be ruined. Since standing water is mostly found in the backyard and BBQ parties are done outside as well, there is a chance that pests will come. Some pests will visit because of food while others will come because of standing water.

Mosquitoes are one of the pests which will be after the standing water in your yard. The stagnant water serves as a breeding place for the pest so if you don’t get rid of it, you are allowing mosquitoes to reproduce, increase their numbers, and spread diseases around. Also, if you have birdbaths, it should be cleaned as well because the water in it can be a place for mosquitoes to enjoy.

If you want a BBQ party that is free from pests like mosquitoes, get rid of standing water and you’re good!

Or, if you still can’t control pests after preventive measures, don’t worry because a pest exterminator in Troutman is ready to help you.

Drive Away Stinging Pests

Aside from mosquitoes, stinging pests will also be present when you decide a BBQ party at home. Wasps, bees, and hornets could be at your party and it might frighten your guests since the stings of these pests are painful.

Stinging pests may not be looking for the BBQ you’re cooking but they might be after the sweet treats or fragrances they smell.

If you use scented candles, expect to see flying stinging insects going near your BBQ party and will be flying around the candles. We know that they are after nectars and sweet fragrances so avoid using sweet smells during the party. Also, if you decide to grill barbecues near your flowers, you better not because stinging insects are also interested in flowers since they pollinate.

If stinging insects are unstoppable, what you need is a pest exterminator in Troutman to get rid of the pests for you.

Keep The Area Clean

Since parties can be rowdy and messy, you still have to keep it clean especially when pests are around.

Ants, for example, will be feasting on food residues and crumbs fell on the ground. They will instantly crawl into food sources which they can bring back to their colonies.

If red fire ants are around, you need to be careful because these pests sting painfully. After you are done eating, make sure to keep the dishes away so that pests will not be able to find it. Also, wipe the tables and chairs to remove food residues and crumbs which pests will target once you are done with the party.

If you share drinks with your friends or families, you also have to get rid of the cans of drinks so that it will not lure ants and other pests around. If you want to enjoy your BBQ party without pests, make sure to keep the venue clean before, during, and after the party. But, if you suspect that an infestation is happening in your property, a pest exterminator in Troutman is the one to call.

Close Trash Bins Tightly

Trash bins are needed especially if parties happening because it is where garbage is thrown. If you don’t organize your trashes, pests will surely come during your BBQ party and you can’t do anything about it.

If you want to avoid pests from coming, make sure that trash bins are tightly closed. According to a pest exterminator in Troutman, pests love filth and your garbage is filled with dirty things. They will look for food sources in your garbage bins and once they found one, they will immediately bring it back to their nests which will feed other members of their colonies.

If you want your trash bins to be organized, make sure to close it tightly or let a pest exterminator in Troutman handle the pests in your home so that when you decide to have a BBQ party, no pests will be around.

Cover Foods

Of course, foods will never be gone in every table when a BBQ party is on. You will place grilled meat over the table with fruits and veggies and more which everyone will enjoy.

But, after putting it on the table, make sure that you cover foods as well. Uncovered foods will invite pests to come to your table and feast over the foods you have prepared.

We know how sneaky pests can get so if you are not mindful of them, they can be the first ones to taste your food for the party. Allowing pests to contaminate food is not good because some pests carry bacteria which can cause health problems.

If you want to avoid pests from getting into your food and stop food contamination from happening, cover foods or better let a pest exterminator in Troutman do the extermination weeks before the schedule of the party.

These are the ways on how you can enjoy a BBQ party without pests. We know what vermin can do and when you have celebrations, they come even uninvited since they forage for food and moisture.

If you want to stop pests from invading and ruining your BBQ party, follow these tips or if you don’t have time to do your own pest control, a pest exterminator in North Carolina is ready to lend a hand anytime.

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