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How To Prevent Silverfish Infestation From Happening

silverfish in bathroom

We know pests come in all types and some are common to everyone. Mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, ants, spiders, termites, and rodents are the typical pests you will see and you will not be surprised about them. However, there are pests that may not be known to you and silverfishes are among them.

The Facts About Silverfish

A silverfish is not a fish at all. It may have the word “fish” in its name but it doesn’t swim or live in water. Actually, it is a bug that everyone is not familiar because they are not mostly seen. They have a silver color body and the way they move resembles a fish. They crawl like they are swimming so some think they are part of the fish family.

However, even silverfish cause infestations. The pest is known to be found in places where moisture is present. If your home has lots of moist areas, you are helping the pest to thrive and inviting them to infest your home. That’s why when you see them, you must immediately call a pest control company in Denver to help you out.

Silverfish are among the pests which can ruin your clothes so you have to be alarmed when they are inside your closet. If you don’t want to experience a silverfish infestation in your property, then here are the ways you can prevent it from happening. Check these out!

Know Their Hiding Place

Before you jump to the extermination of silverfish, you need to know first where they hide. Since silverfish loves moisture, you have to check the areas in your home where moisture is building. Also, your closet is a perfect place for them to hide and infest as well. Silverfish are nocturnal so it is not possible for you to see them during the daytime. You should not only check damp areas, but you also need to check places where cardboards, fabrics, wallpapers, and boxes are placed. A silverfish exterminator in Denver suggests that you should do a thorough inspection in your home to find the hiding places of silverfish successfully. 

Protect Your Food

Silverfish are not only after your belongings, but they can also be looking for food and your cereals are in danger. The pest is known to be fond of cereals and if you leave it inside boxes, it will be easier for the pest to penetrate your food. So, to keep your cereals and other dry goods safe and uncontaminated, a pest exterminator in Denver recommends that you seal them in airtight containers. Other foods that the pest like are sugar, pasta, flour, and rice. If you protect your food properly, you are depriving the pest as well from getting into food sources. 

Use Silverfish Traps

If you don’t want an infestation to happen anytime soon, you can use silverfish traps to keep the pest out. There are traps that you can do at home which will not need the help of a professional pest exterminator in Denver. You can use the newspaper as a trap by moistening it and placing it on areas where silverfish are found.

Once the pest has made their way inside the newspaper, immediately seal it using a rubber band to prevent them from coming out and burn them immediately. Another trap is by using a glass jar. Place food inside the jar like bread to tempt the pest to go inside. To make it easier for the silverfish to crawl to the top of the jar, you can wrap the glass jar with masking tape. Once they made their way inside, they can never go out because the glass will not allow them to escape easily. 

Apply Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is one of the most used repellents today and it never disappoints. DE is well-known to everyone even to a pest exterminator in Denver due to its effectivity in eliminating pests. The powder is the best natural solution you can use if you don’t want to risk the safety of your property and family. Diatomaceous earth can kill silverfish because the powder is like swords to them piercing their bodies.

The powder will damage their exoskeleton which will dry them up and kill them eventually. Make sure to use the food-grade one because it is non-toxic. You can apply the powder around your house especially on places where silverfish are present like closets, baseboards, and cabinets. When applying diatomaceous earth, you have to wear masks since the powder can affect your lungs.

Repel With Cedar

There are smells that can repel silverfish and cedar can make it happen. The scent of cedar is what the pest hates so using it as a repellent can be effective. The smell can keep the pest away but can be messy especially if use cedar shavings as your repellent. You can do it outdoors or on places where you wouldn’t mind seeing the shavings like basements. After some days, make sure to clean or vacuum the shavings to make your home clean. Or when the repellent doesn’t work, you can let a silverfish control company in Denver do the work.

Eliminate Moisture

Silverfish come because of moisture and if your home is filled with it, you are making the pest cozy. To get rid of them and to stop infestations from happening, you have to eliminate moisture right away. If water leaks are present, fix it quickly to prevent the pest from finding it. Also, ventilate your house especially the bathroom to keep it dry as possible.

Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned so that water won’t be stocked which will help the pest to thrive. According to a pest exterminator in Denver, silverfish are not the only pest which is in need of moisture but there are other pests which are also after humidity like cockroaches, rodents, ants, mosquitoes, and termites. If you keep moisture out, you are not only driving one pest away but several of them and that’s good.

Seal Cracks & Gaps

Silverfish can find their way inside your house and you may never know. The cracks and gaps found in your home can be an entrance to pests like silverfish and they will keep on coming if you don’t close it. To avoid the pest from coming in and out of your home, better seal cracks and gaps found in your home. You need to inspect your house to find entrances where the pest enters and once you see possible entry points, don’t hesitate to block it.

Your walls, floor, and baseboards can be filled with holes or have cracks. If you don’t immediately seal these, you will lot of silverfish crawling into your home. Take note, unsealed cracks and gaps will not only help silverfish to invade your homes, but other pests will also take advantage of it as well. If you want to get rid of the pest, you can let a pest exterminator in Denver do the elimination.

Clean The House

Pests love filth and if you have dirt in your home, you are luring them to come. Like silverfish, the pest will come to your home when it’s dirty because they can easily find sources in the area. To keep them out for good, the one thing you need to consistently do is to clean your home. Maintaining cleanliness is one big step to achieving a pest-free home. Organize your place to remove all possible hiding places of silverfish.

Also, you need to vacuum your home to get rid of the food residues found on the floor. Silverfish will find food wherever and if your floor is filled with it, they will immediately come. When you vacuum, you are not only removing dirt but eggs of silverfish as well. If you suspect that eggs are present in your home, spread baking soda on carpets and it will dry the eggs of silverfish successfully. When the infestation is not solved, a pest control company that can kill bugs is what you need to call.

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