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Top Questions Frequently Asked By Everyone About Bed Bugs

A bed bug on skin

The pest that can ruin your great slumber is a bed bug. Yes, the tiny bed bugs you have at home will disrupt your sleep and will leave itchy bites around your body which will be your inconvenience the next day. We know what bed bugs can do and letting them invade your house is a big mistake.

Bed bugs have been problems since the beginning and after a while, they were gone. However, the pest begins to resurface again and several homeowners are complaining about red and itchy bites. The fight for bed bugs should be done together with a pest control company in Cornelius as the pest is not an easy enemy.

With a professional to aid you, your road to a bed-bug-free home will never be far from reality.

Moreover, almost everyone has asked questions about bed bugs. Due to curiosity, some are asking the same questions and looking for answers which will satisfy them. If you are among them, lucky you because we will unveil the most frequently asked questions of everyone about bed bugs.

If you are getting itchy to know the questions, let’s get to know them now and feed your mind with new knowledge.

How to Identify Bed Bugs

Identifying bed bugs can be hard as they can be mistaken for other brown and tiny insects in your home. An adult bed bug’s size is compared to an apple seed which is flat, 6mm long, and thin. The pest’s body is also leathery but it doesn’t have wings. Bed bugs can differ in color, they can be red or brown and can become bright red once it is done feeding. The eggs, it is pearly white and can be 1mm long. The eggs are easy to spot if the background is dark. 

What Are Bed Bugs?

Some may not be aware of the pest so they would ask this. Bed bugs are tiny insects that are nocturnal and are fond of feeding on blood. The pest is not concentrated on one area but it can be found anywhere. According to the best Cornelius exterminator for bed bugs, bed bugs don’t limit their selves to mattresses, but they are almost found everywhere like furniture, public transportation, offices, walls, picture frames, and more.

Are Bed Bugs Back?

The resurgence of bed bugs is proven everywhere like in the United States. The country is suffering from massive bed bug infestation after its resurgence and almost everyone is complaining about it. The infestation of the pest is high which makes it hard for them to get rid. A pest expert in Cornelius says that the pest was one of the issues faced in World War II but it has been eliminated with the use of DDT insecticides. However, today it has made a comeback due to traveling done by almost everyone or with the different pest control used today.

How Long Is a Bed Bug’s Lifespan?

You will wonder if a bed bug can live long or not. Bed bugs can live long but today, with the emergence of several pest control, the pest doesn’t have the chance to stay longer. Bed bugs’ lifespan will depend on their gender. Female bed bugs usually are the longest-living ones than males but typically, adult bed bugs can reach up to 13 months. 

What Does a Bed Bug Bite Look Like?

The bite of bed bugs may depend on how your skin will react to it. According to a pest expert in Cornelius, bed bug bites will never be the same on everyone. But, the bites will be red, bumpy, and itchy. You can find bites on open skin as it is where the pest feeds when you are asleep. Some bites may swell but it may not happen to everyone. 

Where Do You Get Bed Bugs?

People are unaware of ways they can get bed bugs. Since the pest is small, it can easily cling everywhere. The pest is known as a hitchhiker and will never miss a chance to get near you. If you don’t know, you get bed bugs from second-hand items like beds and furniture. Aside from those, you can get it from traveling, a guest you have welcomed at home, hotels, and public places. A pest expert in Cornelius suggests that you have to be careful when going out and coming home. If you visited a place where bed bugs are possibly present, check your clothing and bag first before entering your home to avoid bringing the pest inside.

Are Bed Bugs Disease Carriers?

Almost everyone asks if bed bugs carry diseases. For the record, the pest doesn’t bring diseases or spread one. It can only give you itchy bites but no virus is transmitted. They carry more than 20 pathogens but no cases have been reported that a bed bug transmitted diseases through its bite. It is safe to say that bed bugs are harmless when it comes to health but a pest exterminator in Cornelius suggests that once you are bitten, make sure to treat it as it can lead to allergic reactions which may need medical treatments.

Do Bed Bugs Fly?

Some may think that bed bugs can fly because they can get to any location they want. Fortunately, bed bugs don’t fly. The pest doesn’t have wings so it is not possible for them to fly around. According to a pest expert in Cornelius, bed bugs can be transported from one place to another because they can cling to anything like luggage, bags, and clothing which allows them to reach the area.

How to Know if Bed Bugs Are Present?

Spotting bed bugs alive may be hard due to their small size but if you have experienced signs and symptoms of them, you will know that they are infesting your home. Bed bug bites, a smear of blood on bedsheets, and tiny fecal spots on your bedding are the common signs of the pest. if you see eggs in your box springs, beds, headboards, and more, the pest is present as well.

Where Can I Find Bed Bugs?

To your surprise, bed bugs are found where you are!

Yes, they need you to feed on blood so wherever you sleep or take a rest, the pest is present. A bed bug exterminator in Cornelius says that you should not only check on yourself for bed bugs, but you also need to check other areas as well since the pest can hide in many places. They will be in your furniture, upholstery, carpet, appliances, and more.

Are Bed Bugs Interested In Animals?

We know that bed bugs are after human blood but if their main host is not present, they will crawl to animals they see. Yes, bed bugs are interested in other animals because they can be a source of food for them. They love the blood of vertebrate animals and if you have pets at home, your dogs or cats can be a food source as well.

Are Bed Bugs Afraid Of Clean Homes?

To dismay you, bed bugs don’t care about the cleanliness of your home. Whether you have a clean or dirty home, the pest will keep on infesting. They can cause an infestation in whatever environment they are in. But, keeping your home clean is one step to lessening the presence of the pest. By cleaning, you are removing possible hiding places for bed bugs and will stop them from reproducing. 

Can Scents Repel Bed Bugs?

There are scents that can repel bed bugs but it doesn’t mean it will kill the pest. The scents of essential oils will deter the pest effectively. The strong smell will push them out but will not eliminate them completely. The pest may look for another place to hide where no pungent smell is present. So, you still need the help of a pest expert in Cornelius if you want bed bugs to be gone for good.

These are the top frequently asked questions by everyone about bed bugs. If you need help in eliminating the pest, a pest control company in Cornelius is what you need.

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