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Carpenter Ant Facts You Should Know And How To Drive Them Out For Good

carpenter ant

Ants are among the longest living insects in the world. Since the beginning, they have been crawling the earth and are found in almost all countries. However, even though ants have their role in nature, they can still be a problem for homeowners due to the infestations they cause.

Yes, ants can be pests. But, not all species are considered to be vermin. Out of 700 known species of ants, only a few are named as pests and among them are carpenter ants. This species of ant may not be known to everyone because you specifically see odorous black ants or red fire ants.

Carpenter ants can also be destructive so you have to make sure that an ant and termite inspection company in Statesville NC is on standby to help you when the pest decides to infest. They can be small in size compared to other pests but the problems they bring are huge which you need to resolve as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, you cannot defeat your enemies if you don't know them. So, you need to know facts about carpenter ants which will help you become familiar with the pest before you do any pest control. We know the difficulty of handling ants and if you don't know the species you are dealing with, you cannot execute a successful treatment plan.

Here are carpenter ant facts you must know for you to get rid of them properly and effectively. 

Carpenter Ants Are Strong

Carpenter ants are known for their strength. They can lift things which are seven times their weight! That's how strong these species are. In some studies, they are known to carry 50 times their weight which makes them amazing. With their small bodies, they have muscles that allow them to lift heavy things. Even with their excellent strength, you still have to be cautious about their infestations so you need the help of an ant exterminator in Statesville to get rid of them.

Carpenter Ants Can Get Into Your Home Even With Blindness

Carpenter ants are great in finding their way into your home even when they are blind. These species don't use their eyes instead they use their antennae which has a chemical substance that allows them to detect their location. With the pheromones they have, they can communicate as well which enables them to understand each other. Also, the chemicals they have to help them to recognize their members. With their great ability to find your home even with blindness, they can cause problems anytime so you should seek professional help from an ant exterminator in Statesville.

Carpenter Ants Give Painful Bites

Like other species of ants, carpenter ants also give painful bites that you don't want to experience. Their bites are too painful due to the formic acid it sprays. The wound will be unbearable since the acid gives a burning sensation that you may not be able to handle. If you don't keep your house free from carpenter ants, there is a greater chance that you can experience their bites. So, make sure to hire an ant exterminator in Statesville to stop the pests from infesting. 

Carpenter Ants Are Different From Termites

Termites and carpenter ants may be the same on the aspect that both love wood but they are different in so many ways. Carpenter ants' have different bodies, colors, and food preferences from termites. This species of ants have black or red body color while termites have light brown or yellow colors. They love wood as their nests so they damage structures and foundations by creating holes to make tunnels and nests. While termites will feed on wood which has cellulose.

Carpenter ants will not feed on wood instead they prefer protein, insects, and sugar. Even though they don't eat wood, you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible because they can cause severe structural damage over time. You need the expertise of a pest exterminator in Statesville to eliminate them.

Carpenter Ants Are Hard Enemies

The same with other pests you encounter, carpenter ants are hard enemies. Their queen can live for 25 years or longer and because of this, their reproduction 8is never a problem. The queen will keep on producing new ants which will not cut short their numbers for several years. The queen will also expand their colonies which can accommodate millions of carpenter ants. With this, battling them is indeed hard. Dealing with this species on your own will not lead to success so you still need the help of a professional ant exterminator in Statesville to effectively remove the pest and its colonies.

Carpenter Ants Will Build Nests On Damp Areas

Almost all pests love damp areas since it is their need and preference. Carpenter ants also love moist areas as it is where they are established. They will target door casings, moist woods, and window sills. But that's not all. Carpenter ants will look for woods that are already rotting as it is easier for them to create their tunnels.

With this, your home's structure and foundation are in trouble. To avoid structural damage, let an ant exterminator in Statesville to get rid of the pests once and for all.

These are the facts you need to know about carpenter ants. They are not only good at damaging your homes, but they can leave painful bites that are intolerable.

How To Drive Carpenter Ants Away

Aside from seeking help from a professional pest control company in Statesville to deal with carpenter ants, there are ways you can do that will drive the pest for good.

Use Baits

There are baits you can use for carpenter ants and you might want to try them out. You can use boric acid as bait for carpenter ants. You have to mix boric acid with sugar or honey because the powder alone will not lure the pest. By mixing it with sugar, the bait will attract carpenter ants as they will think it is sugar alone. The sweet stuff you mixed will be the attractant and the boric acid will be the killer. The bait will destroy the body system of the pest which will eventually lead to their death. The pest can bring the bait back to their colony which can also target other carpenter ants and the queen. 

Apply Diatomaceous Earth

One of the most recommended remedies by an ant exterminator in Statesville is the diatomaceous earth. The powder is known to be an effective solution to get rid of carpenter ants. Since boric acid is toxic, it may not be an ideal solution, especially if you have children. But, DE is better since it has a food-grade option which is non-toxic. You can sprinkle it all over the place or directly on the pest.

Diatomaceous earth will kill the pest by drying its body until no fluid is present. The powder leads carpenter ants to dehydration which will end their life in a not so brutal manner. Make sure that you buy the food-grade one since it is safer to use. Or, if DE is not enough, an ant exterminator in Statesville is the best solution. 

Eliminate Wood

Since carpenter ants are fond of wood, you need to eliminate it right away. If you have rotten wood, better dispose of it as it can attract the pest. They will make tunnels on wood which will allow them to infest secretly into your home. Remove rotten wood before it's too late.

These are the simple ways you can do to get rid of carpenter ants. When nothing works, you are required to call a pest control company in Statesville to help you.

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