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Silverfish Exterminator Near Lake Norman, North Carolina


Have you ever experienced the frustration of having all your books torn by insects? As a librarian or a book lover, it pains us to see our books destroyed. Although we prefer reading a specific genre, it feels burdensome to see our old books get torn apart. There are a lot of insects that can cause destruction. But only one rises as the superior.

Facts About Silverfish

Silverfish are common everywhere in the world. In fact, these creatures are quite prehistoric. And by that I mean, they are hard to kill, and they live a very long life. At home, at the library, or at work, we have shelves and cabinets to put our books in. But how come silverfish are still able to destroy it? Simply put, these insects are highly flexible and very acrobatic. One silverfish, small as it is can jump up to 2 feet! There is no question it can work its way up to the top. A female silverfish can lay about 60 eggs per batch. Imagine the rate of their reproduction and how it can affect our work or household. Not only do they feed on books but also clothing. Who knows where else they lay their eggs into? With their number, how long will it take before all our clothes and books become silverfish food?


Exterminating silverfish is one of the hardest things to do. They are cunning creatures. They can hide in small crevices, almost unnoticeable to the human eye. Which is why you need to seek help from professionals. But where can you find one? In looking for a pest control provider, it is not only about the price and the proximity. You must also consider several factors such as the knowledge, skill, professionalism, and methodology of the exterminators.

What to Look for in a Pest Control Provider

Firstly, an exterminator must be equipped with updated information and data about pests. It is their professional responsibility to keep learning about their profession to keep innovating on their procedures. An exterminator must also be well-trained and reliable in using safe and tested methods for pest control. Remember, the process will usually happen indoors. What if the procedure will do more damage to your home? Which is why you will need to inquire and ask questions. What are the pros and cons of the methods? Is it safe for children, pets, and other belongings? If you are looking for a pest control company that meets all of these criteria, I proudly give you Lake Norman Home Services.

Looking for a Pest Control Company?

Founded by Sam and Fran Newman, the company has been giving service in North Carolina for over 50 years. Experience experts at work with updated methods that are safe for the environment. Lake Norman Home Services is dedicated to service, excellence, and customer satisfaction. Watch your worries fade away as they get to work. For as low as $30 per month, we provide all necessary treatments without additional charge! Lake Norman Home Services is only one click away.  What are you waiting for? Your happy and peaceful life awaits you at Lake Norman Home Services.