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Facts About Cockroaches You Should Not Ignore


Cockroaches are the most gruesome, and most disgusting pests at home. I hate everything about it – from its appearance, its lifestyle, and its movements. It ticks me off. , I get these mini heart attacks when cockroaches fly towards me. I don't know if some of you feel this too. But they creep me out!  We all know that cockroaches are common pests. They rely on food crumbs and stains for a living. But there is more to cockroaches than we expected. There are thousands of facts about this insect. So, let me share a few. These facts help us adjust and cope with cockroach infestations. It enlightens us on what to do and how to prevent the infestation of these pests. 

They Are Fast-Moving Creatures

Cockroaches are very hard to catch. Did you know that they can travel up to 3 miles an hour? Considering their small legs, they can run at a significant pace. I find it hard to catch and squish a cockroach. Now, I know the reason why. 

They Can Ruin Clothes

If you think that they can only ruin food packaging, you're wrong. Cockroaches can also eat off of your clothes and ruin its fabric. Cockroaches are not only attracted to food crumbs and sweets.  According to entomologists, these creatures are also attracted to stains and sweat. Your dirty clothes in the hamper is a common attractant to cockroaches. This is one of the reasons why we experience torn clothes and loose fabric. 

Cockroaches Are Hydrophilic

Do you know why cockroaches are common in kitchens and bathrooms? It is because of the abundance of moist. They love to live under leaky pipes, wet sinks, and wet floors. So, to avoid any cockroach infestation, it's best to check your pipelines for any leaks. Dry your floors in the kitchen, dining table, and bathroom, especially at night. 

Cockroaches Are Full Of Bacteria

These creatures travel everywhere even to the dirtiest places of the environment. They walk on canals, sewers, and garbage cans. They catch different bacteria, parasites, and viruses they can spread at home. At the speed of 3 miles an hour, they can spread up to millions of bacteria in a 1 minute. Imagine the risk of acquiring serious diseases from cockroaches! 

A Cockroach Can Live Without A Head

Small as they are, cockroaches are very hard to kill. Even if you remove its head, it can still live for a couple of days, even weeks. It can still walk around and spread more bacteria. The difference is, without its head, it has no sense of direction. Who knows where its legs can lead it to? It could crawl into your utensil compartments or crawl on your skin as you sleep. At first, I thought that cutting off its head would be the end of it. Turns out, it could lead to something worse. The next time you kill a cockroach, you do not take off its head. Squish it and throw it immediately. Don't forget to wash your hands. 

It Can Hold Its Breath Longer Than Humans

Who among you experienced flushing a cockroach down the drain or the toilet? It feels safe and less disgusting to do, isn't it? I thought the same way too. However, I found out that cockroaches can hold their breath for more than 30 minutes. That is enough time for them to reach the sewers and get ahold of something dry. If you flush them down, you will not be drowning them. You will be sending them back home only to return stronger. 

Develops Tolerance To A Pesticide

Cockroaches are harder to kill than we thought. Did you know that repeated exposure to the pesticide can build their tolerance? Soon, even the strongest pesticide is not going to be enough to exterminate these pests from home. 

Cockroaches Reproduce Quickly

The female cockroach reproduces around 50 cockroaches in one breeding. In a matter of weeks, these larvae will turn into adults and will be as notorious as their parents. Imagine having over a hundred cockroaches at home. That would be very difficult to live by. Plus, it could lead to some serious physical and psychological illnesses. 

They Have No Regard For Personal Space

Cockroaches do not care about humans' personal space. They infest whenever and wherever they want to. It does not matter if it is your clothes, your shoes, cupboards, accessories, and other compartments. Once a cockroach is attracted to something, it will do everything in its power to have full access. 

Cockroaches Are Attracted To Beer

Oddly, scientists found that cockroaches are attracted to beer. It's possible that they are drawn to the sweet and emulsifying properties of the beverage. In a recent study, researchers found that cockroaches infest households where there is more beer. I wonder if there are more cockroaches in beer houses than in restaurants. 

Cockroach As A Winter Pest

 Cockroaches are one of the common winter pests. They infest homes during the winter for warmth and shelter. Just like most pests, cockroaches cannot survive the cold weather outdoors. They need to find a place where they can outlive the winter with enough moist, warmth, and food. 

Cockroaches Are Abundant During Summer

These creatures dramatically increase in number during the summer. Due to the abundance of light, warmth, and small insects to feed on, it is easier for them to mate and reproduce. Entomologists report that summertime affects pest activity. It helps in their reproduction and it helps them build secure habitats where they can brood. 

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

If you hate cockroaches as much as I do, here are simple preventive steps to prevent any cockroach infestation at home: 

Clean As You Go. 

As we have discussed, these creatures are attracted to food crumbs and food stains. To help prevent infestation, clean regularly and as needed. Remember to sweep the floors, vacuum, wipe the tables, compartments, and storage areas. Clean any crumbs and stains that can attract not only cockroaches but also ants, spiders, and mice. 

Schedule Doing Your Laundry 2 To 3 Times A Week. 

This makes the task easier and less bulky. Plus, it helps reduce the existence of cockroaches inside your house. To avoid any cockroaches in your room, avoid cluttering dirty clothes on the floor. As much as possible, leave dirty clothes in the pantry, especially socks, and undergarment. 

Get Your Pipes Fixed. 

Cockroaches are attracted to moist. Leaky pipes are one of the common sources of this need. To prevent any infestation, ask for help from your local plumber. If you can do it yourself, that would be great. Just make sure that you fix it properly using long-lasting methods. 

Avoid Clutters. 

Clutters are the main hiding spots of cockroaches. Never delay responsible housekeeping. Be it your clothes, books, newspapers, cutouts, or magazines, always fix them as you go. Organize your things to avoid giving cockroaches and other pests an all-access pass.

Weekly Perimeter Check. 

Schedule a weekly house checkup. Inspect your walls and your roof. Look for the possible entryway of cockroaches like fissures, crevices, and holes. Using a sealant, or other methods, cover it properly to eliminate all passageways. If you cannot do it alone, ask for help from your local carpenter. That should take them less than a day depending on the number of fissures they need to fix. 

Apply Lawn Treatment. 

We have discussed that cockroaches are abundant during the summer. To prevent any cockroaches from brooding on your lawn, it helps to use insecticides. But remember to follow the instructions of the manufacturer correctly. Wear protective garments in using the pesticide such as a face mask, goggles, and gloves. Also, make sure that your children and pets are not around to smell the fumes. 

Take Out The Trash Regularly. 

Remember to throw your garbage in tightly-sealed bins to avoid pest attraction. Put the bins as far away from the house as possible. 

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils such as peppermint and citronella are known to repel cockroaches at home. Simple combine the oils with water and spray where cockroaches are common. 

Diatomaceous Earth  

I was first skeptical about using DE against cockroaches. When I tried it for myself, I found that it works! DE works mechanically. So, when it gets in contact with cockroaches, it starts to shed off its exoskeleton and dehydrate it from the inside out. Just sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth where a cockroach is found and spread it using a broom or a cloth. In a matter of days, your house will be pest-free!

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