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12 Reasons To Call For Pest Control


Pests such as termites, rodents, cockroaches, and ants can destroy your properties without you even knowing. Did you know that termites cause approximately $5 million of damage to buildings and structures every year? Rodents, on the other hand, are responsible for 25 percent of house fires in the United States. 

As if it ends there, these creatures also carry diseases that can put people in danger. For example, the cockroach can spread millions of bacteria in just one minute. If their feces and scales are accidentally ingested by human beings, it could lead to life-threatening illnesses.

Most people think that ants are harmless creatures. Indeed, they are very peaceful and docile as a colony, but they can also spread different kinds of bacteria at home. Ants travel in different places. They feed on literally everything including animal and insect carcasses. If parasites and bacteria get attached with their bodies, the ants can carry it into our home and spread diseases.

These are only a few reasons to call for local pest control near Denver. Once these pests start to build their nests inside your home or anywhere your surroundings, these unwanted creatures will pester your life along the way. Below are other reasons why a lot of people resort to calling for pest control. 

1. Pests Reproduce Quickly 

The last thing you want to happen is to provide a comfortable and stable place for pests to brood inside your home. Once they find a suitable place for reproduction, it will be very difficult to stop a full-on infestation.  

2. Pests Carry Diseases 

In a more specific sense, there are thousands of diseases transmitted by insects. The mosquito bite alone causes the Zika Virus, Dengue Fever, Malaria, and The Bubonic Plague. The urine and droppings of rodents can cause Amoebiasis and Salmonellosis. Their bite can cause rat-bite fever.

3. The Infestation Of Pest Causes Damage To Properties

Not only do pests focus on human food as an attractant to infest. There are pests such as the carpet beetle, silverfish, moths, and other insects that damage clothing, books, and other accessories.

4. Bees & Wasps At Home

The bee and the wasp are often mistaken with one another. Bees are spherical or round in shape compared to wasps which have slimmer composures. Most people think that bees are very aggressive just like wasps. The truth is, bees are actually very peaceful and calm creatures. Their main instinct is to gather pollen and nectar from flowers. It is not in their system to sting unless it is a matter of life and death. The stinger of a bee is directly connected to its abdomen. So, when it bites and pulls out, it will be like their guts are ripping apart. Eventually, this causes their imminent death.

The wasp, however, is very aggressive in nature. It is relentless and it can sting as many as it wants. There are cases of wasp attacks that caused heart attacks and anaphylactic shock. There was a wasp assault recorded in the United Kingdom in which a lady was going for a walk when a swarm of wasps started attacking her. After further investigations, they found out that a dog accidentally disturbed the wasp's nest and the lady got blamed for it. Luckily, the lady survived the wasp attack.

Imagine having creatures like this in your backyard, your attic, or your basement. What if your child accidentally disturbs the nest of these wasps. In extreme cases, a wasp attack can even lead to death. If you have a bee's nest or a wasp's nest in your surroundings, never solve the problem alone. Call for help from your local pest exterminator. 

5. Incessant Cleaning Of Droppings

If you see small, round, black particles spread all over the floor, it indicates that you have a rodent infestation. Whenever you clean their mess, remember not to use your bare hands. If possible, use a vacuum or sweep it off and throw away. Never let your children get a hold of it or else they might acquire a disease. 

6. Ant Trails

Small as they are, ants can bring danger to the family. So, if you see trails of ants on your walls, floors, and ceiling, better call for help. It's difficult to pinpoint their nest especially if your house has too many compartments. To make your life easier, call for the most competent exterminator in your area. 

7. Insect Bites 

There are many different insects that bite - ticks, bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, and many more. If you have pets around, it is common to have ticks and fleas. This causes utmost discomfort to your fur babies. This can cause skin irritation, infection, even anemia. It makes your cat or dog pale, unhealthy, and inactive. Take note, not only do they affect animals but human beings as well. Did you know that the tick can spread Lyme Disease to humans? This is why it is ill-advised to exterminate a tick using your bare hands.

Another blood-sucking insect is the bed bug, also known as the silent predator. Did you know that they brood within 3 feet where human beings sleep? They can latch on to cabinets, clothes, bed sheets, pillowcases, even curtains. When their prey starts to sleep, they crawl steadily and quietly until they can feed on his or her blood.

Here is an interesting fact! The bite of a bed bug looks just like a mosquito bite. So, people whose homes are infested by these creatures often have no clue that bed bugs are feeding on them. So, if you see red marks and swelling on your body, do not be gullible enough to believe that it is only caused by mosquitoes. There are more blood-sucking insects that might be lurking in the shadows. With the help of an exterminator, you can eliminate them all. 

8. Noises & Scratches On Walls & Ceilings

Once your home is infested by pests, you will hear occasional scratching, tapping or chewing sounds coming from your walls or ceilings. Such occurrence may be caused by rodent, cockroach, or bat infestation. Therefore, calling for pest control to get rid of these is needed.

9. Pest Control Is More Convenient

Not everyone has the luxury of time to create DIY formulas for pest control. So, if you want to save time to focus on other priorities, it is best to call for help from professionals. They are knowledgeable about pest activity. So, it would be easier for them to determine their hiding spots and work their way from there. 

10. You Ensure Maximum Productivity For Your Crops

The main reason why pest control exists is because of crops being eaten by unwanted pests. If you own a garden, a farm, or if you want to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, your best resort is to call for professional pest control companies to do the job. With their help, you no longer have to worry about pesticides and insecticides affecting the growth and health of your plants.

One of the best pest control service near Denver is Lake Norman Home Services. Their experts pride themselves in using botanical and environmental healthy means of pest control. So, say goodbye to bugs without destroying the health and integrity of your plants and soil. 

11. Pests Do Not Just Stay In One Place

Eliminating pests on your own requires so much time and effort. If you are not expert about the common hiding spots of pests and their activities, it will be hard to point out their nest. The best way to locate and exterminate these pests for good is to look for a competent exterminator. If you are looking for one, contact Lake Norman Home Services for inquiries. 

12. Pests Are Common During The Summer

People often call for pest control service during summer. This is the season where they all come out of their hiding spots and enjoy the sun. During summer, there is an abundance of warmth, food, and moist. That's why pests feast on gardens, lawns, and kitchens. It is also evident that parties occur mostly in summer.

The smell of the food alone is enough to attract them from joining. The crumbs and stains will surely make them stay. Once pests discover that your lawn is a good hiding spot and it is an abundant food source, you will be having a difficult time controlling these pests and preventing them to cause damage.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to protect your family from illnesses and the property from damages. To accomplish this goal, call for help from your nearest exterminator. Give yourself time to rest and de-stress. Getting rid of pests easily can give you relaxation and rejuvenation you need. So, if you see any signs of infestation, the best thing to do is to call for pest control experts to help you eliminate all your pest problems. Finally, you will have the pest-free environment you and your family deserves.