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House Spider: Friend Or Foe?


As you clean and wander around your house, you may find a variety of insects brooding at every corner. One of them could be a spider. Do you squish them or let them be? Do you run screaming or do you let it accompany you inside your house?

There are different perspectives as to the usefulness and danger of spiders at home. Some believe that these creatures are very helpful. However, there is always another side of the coin that claims that it is harmful to human beings. Here is everything you need to know about our eight-legged friend. At the end of this article, I hope you can gain more insights if a spider is indeed a friend or not.

According to entomologists, spiders help lessen the diseases spread by Mosquitoes, Fleas, Flies, Cockroaches and other pests by eating them. Spiders can be an effective home pest control. These creatures eat common indoor insects and they eat everything on the menu. Thankfully, they are not picky eaters. Spiders generally enjoy a diet of crickets, moths, mosquitoes, flies, and even their fellow spiders.

If you want to make sure your house spiders are really doing their job, why don’t you check their webs to see what they have for dinner? If not, you can check if there are any insect carcass on the floor. Many house spiders may drop their victims or prey to your floor after being satisfied, which can make a real mess out of their prey. But at least, you have proof that they are helping you maintain a pest-free home.

Spiders play an important role in the ecosystem. If you have a lawn or a garden and you want to see your plants flourish, you can count on spiders to make sure they do their job in pest control. The most common problem of plant enthusiasts are the common lawn.

According to further studies, however, not all spiders are carnivores. Some also feed on fruits and flowers, transferring pollen from one plant to another. What better way to help the garden bloom than by the help of our eight-legged friends?

Did you know that some species of spiders are cannibals? Although they are not common in the household, one might wander from time to time. This might be the cases where spiders are your foe. The most dangerous spiders recorded in the United States include the Black Widow Spider and the Brown Recluse Spider which are very poisonous. I suggest you get familiar with their characteristics. You would not want to get involved with those kinds of spiders. It could put you and your family in a serious and dangerous condition.

All things considered, perhaps you shouldn’t aim for eradicating the entire spider population on your property. But you also need to control their existence. You would not want your house to be infested by a huge number of spiders. The existence of one or three is okay. But it becomes a different story when they start to become a nuisance. In exterminating spiders, consider your method of control to control their population but not to the point of exterminating them entirely.

There are humane ways to manage house spiders. If you can’t stand spiders, it is possible to control them without losing your temper or acting frantically over it. You may try to control their population by limiting suitable habitats. You may check your windows, eaves, and other famous spider hangouts. Just remove any cobwebs you find. This might not eliminate the existence of spiders, but it will surely lessen their population.

Cover any potential entry points could also limit the population spiders. The best part is, it also prevents other insects such as rodents and cockroaches from getting inside your house. Honestly, you can never control the occurrence of spiders at home. You can only control their population. So, instead of stressing over the fact that there will always be a spider within 3 meters from you, enjoy the company. Let it do its job by preying on other pests. Remember, house spiders do not attack humans unless they feel threatened. Losing your temper in the midst of a spider confrontation will not do you any good. In fact, it could be dangerous.

Did you know that spiders are symbols of good luck? You just might get lucky by having a pet spider in your home. In Ancient Chinese cultures, spiders were believed to bring luck to the house when they drop from the ceiling. The Chinese call these creatures "ximu" or happy insects.

Getting Rid Of House Spiders

Although spiders can be good friends, some people are also right to consider them as foes. Spiders can really be a pain in the bum when they start to be messy when preying on other insects. Imagine getting to sweep off insect carcass every morning. The worst part is, your ceilings could look very untidy with all the cobwebs. It compromises the idea of a clean house.

Furthermore, most people, particularly women, are terrified when they see spiders. Some people can no longer function properly out of the thought of a spider. How much more if they see one inside their house? These cases of extreme fear of spiders are known as Arachnophobia. This is not the typical form of fear that makes you tremble. Phobia is a form of a psychological disorder that is characterized by intensified fear that can cause fainting, increased heartbeat, and sweating. When a person has Arachnophobia, he can no longer do his normal activities. Imagine not being able to wash your own dishes nor bathe in your own bathroom.

Another advantage of keeping spiders away is the risk we have mentioned above about the Black Widow Spider and the Brown Recluse Spider. To save yourself or your children from the risk of any illness brought by spider bites, it is always best to steer clear away from them.

Most house spiders are harmless to us humans but if you still wish to get rid of them, you may:

1. Use a vacuum. Using a vacuum to suck spiders, their webs, and their eggs are the easiest way for extermination.  

2. When you see spider webs and eggs, destroy it or sweep it off right away.

3. Be kind and release them back to the garden or forest.

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How To Prevent House Spiders From Returning

1. If you want to get rid of spiders, get rid of their prey and targets. If spiders perceive that they will get no food source from your house, then they will not stay. They will look for a place where they can find mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other insects to feed on.

2. Apply insecticides to common spider habitats such as the dark and unused corners, windows and door frames, dark spots, and the area behind or underneath your furniture. Also check your cupboards, garage, attic, and basement.

3. Change your light bulb into yellow and redirect your lighting all around your home. Spiders and other insects are attracted to white light. Although they love hiding in the dark, they prefer the white light to illuminate their prey. Changing your bulbs to yellow might do the trick.

4. Keep your home clean. In everything you do, always make it a habit to clean as you go. After every meal, every after activity, clean your place. Wash the dishes often. Sweep the floors often. Do your laundry more often. Insects love clutters and crumbs. If you do not want any spiders to come your way, avoid attracting insects to infest your house.

5. Cover or remove accessories or objects where spiders can hide such as cardboard boxes and shoe boxes.

6. Store firewood outdoors, away your home to avoid transporting spiders indoors.

7. Apply a treatment with a pest control product that is marked for use around home foundations.

Overall, spiders are some of the most beneficial meddlers inside our homes. They remove a large percentage of insects that are known to carry diseases to our family. So, despite the feelings we have against them, we should try to be in harmony with them. As long as they do not pose any danger or a full-on infestation, then you have nothing to worry about. Consider it a free mosquito, bug, and cockroach control.  If you have arachnophobia, consult your nearest psychologist. Do not allow yourself to reach a point where you can no longer function properly. There will always be spiders around you. Arachnophobia is something that can be fixed. You do not have to spend the rest of your life fearing spiders