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Cleaning Routine That Helps Keep Flying Pests Away


If I asked you, what is your worst flying pest experience at home, at work, or even at school? I’m sure you have had your fair share of unfortunate events with these pests. In my case, one of the most traumatic moments of my childhood is being chased by a swarm of bees. It was an accident, really. I was trying to sweep the cobwebs on our attic. Unfortunately, it was poorly lit and ventilated. I did not notice the beehive dangling from the ceiling. I just thought it was some form of unused chandelier or compartment.

In hopes to get the job done, I accidentally swept the hive off and a swarm of bees started to attack me. I fell down the stairs as I shook and rattled the bees away from me. Luckily, my dad knew what to do. He carried me out of the house and closed the doors. Dad put me on a basin filled with water and asked me to stay put as he tried to call for help from the nearest pest exterminator in Huntersville. NC. It was such a great relief that my little brother was not around that time. It was only me and my dad. Or else, he would have been in a very dangerous position.

To my surprise, a group of exterminators went rushing to the backyard and inquired about the incident. While they prepared their tools, they instructed us to steer clear from the area of extermination. This is to prevent some bees from stinging us. They recommended staying at a friend’s or family’s house so we can be safe. Without hesitation, I and my dad complied. Plus, I needed to change my clothes and apply first-aid on my injuries as fast as possible.

This is such a terrifying experience. I was lucky I did not have allergies to bee stings. Or else, I would have been in grave danger. See, accidents like this can happen anytime when you are at home. Imagine if it could have been you, your husband or wife, or your children. Are you willing to put them in such a dangerous situation? Of course, not! Which is why you need to observe these simple cleaning routines to avoid all sorts of flying pests to enter your home. But before that, let us take a look at some of the most common flying pests and their dangers to our home and our family.

Most Common Flying Pests

One of the most common flying pests is the mosquito. This is labeled by the World Health Organization as the deadliest insect of all time because it brings dengue, malaria, and other deadly diseases to human beings. According to WHO, mosquitoes cause millions of deaths in a year, especially among those in the lower socio-economic status since they lack the resources to seek medical attention quickly. Plus, their homes are not as secure as those in the middle and high SES. Any form of an insect can infest given their lack of security.

The next most common flying pest is the fly. Although this seems not to pose any harm to the family, it can do more damage than you think. We all know that these creatures fly wherever they want to go, particularly in dirty places such as sewers, drainage pipes. Plus, they infest on those areas where they can hoard thousands of bacteria and parasites. Do not underestimate flies in your area. It only takes one step to your utensils and food and it can release thousands of bacteria through its feet. If your immune system is not strong enough, you could get various diseases and illnesses in no time!

It is also common to see flying ants around the house. See, ants do not only crawl. They fly too, especially during their mating period. When these species swarm a certain area, it is like they are performing a mating ritual for their colony and they must not be disturbed. For teenagers and adults, it would seem reasonable for them to steer clear from the swarm. But what if your child got curious and decided to approach the swarm without your protection? That could put your child in a very difficult situation.

One of the most hated, and most disgusting flying pests is the cockroach. I personally hate this creature too! Apart from the fact that it can spread thousands of bacteria by just crawling, it has no regard for personal space. It goes wherever it wants to go and it does not even care if space is already taken by a human. I mean, doesn’t the cockroach care that he might get squished any minute? Well, in my case, I have the phobia of cockroaches. So, if one happens to fly in front of me or towards me, I would scream frantically and run away.

Cleaning Routine To Prevent Flying Pests

If you are tired of having the same pests over and over again, here are some cleaning routine you could follow regularly at home:

1. Cover any sources of standing water. Mosquitoes need standing water so they can lay their eggs. This should be one of your main focus in cleaning your home. Cover any source of standing water such as basins with a protective plastic or a personalized cover. Make sure that there are no puddles around your house and make sure that there is no standing water left in your canals.

2. Keep your lawns tidy and neat. One of the basic attractants of flying pests such as bees and mosquitoes are the unmaintained bushes, shrubs, and grasses. To avoid any infestation, regularly trim the shrubs and grasses to avoid attracting pest from entering your home.

3. Clean as You go. Whenever you do something at home, make it a habit to clean every after each activity. Make it a rule inside the house to throw away what needs to be thrown, fix whatever needs to be fixed, and wipe whatever needs to be wiped. Nobody should always wait for mom to do the work. Everybody should have their fair share of responsibilities to keep the house clean.

4. Sweep and vacuum the floor regularly. Sweeping and vacuuming the floors and ceilings is an important way to remove dust, crumbs, and other dirt that can attract cockroaches and ants. This might not get rid of the potential infestation you currently have, but it helps prevent the entrance of many more.

5. Apply lawn treatments. One of the things that attract flies and ants onto our property is the insects on the lawn. When they die, flies and ants swarm all over their carcasses and hoard thousands of bacteria from it. Imagine what it can do to our family when they enter the home. So, always maintain a clean lawn to avoid any more infestation to your home.

6. Conduct regular checkup. Whenever you get the chance, always conduct a full-house inspection. Check all the unused spaces and potential entryways of pests. When you do, cover it immediately to avoid any more insects from entering.

7. Take out the trash regularly. Cockroaches and flies are attracted by potential food sources. Your garbage is one of them. If you do not take out your trash, more insects will swarm your home and not just the flying ones. Rats and mice can also be attracted when you do not maintain a healthy and clean environment.

The Most Competent Pest Control Service

When we reached my nana’s house about three blocks from our home, we talked about how fast the exterminators got to work. My nana asked dad how come he knew who to call in such short notice. My dad replied that he knew the company ever since he was born and their services are 100% guaranteed effective. I also asked dad if it was okay to leave the house to them. Are they not going to steal things from us? Upon asking, my dad gave me a pat on the shoulder, and said, “They have been my friends. We treat each other like family. You can trust them.”

And so, I did. Ever since that incident, there was always one company to call whenever there are pest infestations. That is Lake Norman Home Services. This humble company has been providing service for more than 50 years. They have done nothing less but to give their full effort and competence in keeping people safe from all kinds of pests.

Did you know that Lake Norman Home Services prides itself for using safe methods for pest extermination? They provide all the necessary treatments without any additional price! Who said budget constraints strip you of your right to acquire a pest-free environment? At Lake Norman Home Services, you can leave it all to the exterminators who will do their best to provide the safe house you deserve. And like my dad always says, Lake Norman Home Services treats their clients like family. I never understood what it meant at first. But as I tried more of their services growing up, I learned that they will always check up on you and they will never leave you alone, much less take you for granted, especially during your times of need.