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Step-By-Step Procedure In Making An Effective Ant Trap


When we think about ants, we often associate them with these small, sociable species that we see in the kitchen. Although they play an important role in the ecosystem, they can be such a nuisance when they start to infest our homes

To some, ants are not that big of a deal. Little do they know the threat they pose to the family. Did you know that ants are the most common nuisance pest in the United States? Entomologists have reported more than 700 ant species that infest homes and other structures. Most pest exterminators in Denver alone report that ants are one of the most common complaints of the nearby residents.

Ants crawl everywhere, even to the dirtiest and most exposed areas in the society. They crawl and feed on animal carcasses and droppings, garbage, and clutters. In the process, ants hoard various bacteria and parasites on their body, carrying them with them wherever they go. Then, they come into our house and crawl on everything including our children’s toys, our stored food, and even our utensils. If you’re one of the people who has this really strong immune system, you’re lucky. But there might be a chance that one of these days, one of those bacteria or parasites might just be strong enough to infiltrate your body.

To avoid that, you need to consider exterminating ants in your environment. Here is a step-by-step guide to making an effective ant trap:

1. Conduct a full house check-up. Before anything else, perform a thorough check-up on the entire perimeter of your house. In this process, you can figure out the common entryways and hiding spots of ants inside your house. Do not limit your inspection to within the four corners of your humble abode. Remember to conduct a daily inspection of your backyard, your lawn, and your garden as well. You'll never know if there is a whole colony brooding inside an anthill unless you find it yourself.

2. Block all entryways of ants. After your inspection, save one day to cover all the possible entryways. Ask for help from your family, friends, and neighbors. Brainstorm about how you are going to cover the holes and crevices on your walls, roof, and bearings. This process will ensure that no ants will enter your home before, during, or after you lay the traps for the existing ants inside your house.

3. Gather the following ingredients:

  • Borax: According to experts, one of the most popular and common brands of borax is the 20 Mule Team which can be bought from almost all of the department stores.
  • Sugar: Consider using the common sugar – the one you use for baking.
  • Water: You can use tap water or bottled water.
  • Syrup: Any form and any brand of syrup works. It could be maple syrup, depending on what is available.

4. Put on some gloves, or an apron for your protection. There are some people who are allergic to borax. If you are unsure, it's always best to wear gloves and an apron. Accidents may happen and you do not want any of the borax mixture to get in touch of your skin.

5. Measure your Ingredients. The ratio for the ingredients is 1:3. For 1 part of borax, use 3 parts of sugar. For example, for one cup of borax, prepare 3 cups of sugar. But before you decide on the ample measurement for your ant problem, assess how much you need. Is one cup of borax enough to cover the entire home? What about your backyard and your garden? It is okay to use more than one cup of borax as needed provided you stick to the appropriate measurements.

6. Mix the ingredients. In a bowl, mix these ingredients. You may use a spoon, fork, or spatula for stirring. If there are any clumps or chunks of sugar or borax, make sure to remove or crush it to maintain the mixture's smooth appearance. The sugar will attract the ants and you will want to make the borax look like a part of the sugar.

7. Add water up to the point where it makes the mixture thick and pasty. But remember not to put too much to make it runny. To use this solution as an ant trap, experts recommend not to use more water than the amount of borax used.

8. Using the same spatula, fork, or spoon, stir the mixture thoroughly. You can use warm or hot water to easily dilute the sugar and the borax.

9. The next step is to add the syrup. The amount of syrup should not be a big deal in making this ant poison. The purpose of the syrup is to enhance the smell of the trap – to get the ants into eating the poison. I recommend you put the same amount of syrup as the water. In that way, you won't be wasting as much syrup on the trap while giving it enough sweetness to attract the ants

10. Stir the mixture thoroughly until it becomes homogenous.

11. Then, prepare the ant trap containers. In this process, you might want to use disposable containers such as paper plates, lids, and plastic containers.

12. Make small holes in the containers. The main purpose of this step is to make an entrance and an exit for the ants. Create holes on the sides and on top of the container to give enough space for ants to come and go. If you do not have a driller, you can use any sharp objects to put small holes. Be sure that the holes are not too small so that the bigger ants cannot enter.

13. Place the borax generously onto the ant traps. Cover and leave it to the most common hideouts of ants. It could be under your sink, under your furniture, above the cupboard, or anywhere you see ants lurking. But be careful to keep it out of reach from children and animals. You would not want them to spill or eat your trap. It could be dangerous to their health.

14. If you do not have ants inside your house, you can focus on putting the ant traps outside your house, where you think ants can enter. Place some ant traps beside your windows, and doors. You can also spread it around the lawn and put it where there is a lot of ant activity.

There are other tips to prevent ants from infesting your lawn and your house. First, eliminate all water sources for ants. Did you know that they love moisture very much? It is one of the main reasons they infest homes aside from sweets.

You should also make it a habit to clean as you go. It is common knowledge that ants are attracted to food crumbs and clutters since these are potential sources of food. If you want to avoid any ant infestation, this is the most important habit to develop. Regularly sweep and vacuum your home. Fix any clutters and organize your things to eliminate ant hideouts inside your house.

In cleaning your home, do not forget to check the unused and dark spaces inside your house. You never know if there are colonies establishing a habitat on the corners of your home. Ants are very creative. They can hide right under your nose. That is why you need to be more clever and cunning if you want to get rid of ant infestation.

Ask for Help From Professionals

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