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Lawn Plants That Help Shoo Away Pests


Are you irritated with pests? Take comfort in knowing that one of the ways you can fight back against mosquitoes, gnats, flies, no-see-ums, and other pesky bugs is to place insect-repelling plants in your garden or on your patio. Here is the list of plants if you would like to give the natural route a try.


Lavender is known to be one of the most fragrant flowers. It helps in relaxation and it is also proven to induce sleep. But one of the best parts is, that lavender dissuades mosquitoes and gnats from invading your outdoor dinner party when planted in the garden or in pots placed by windows, doors, and entertainment areas. The oil that is extracted from the flowers is proven to be an effective mosquito repellent. And by the use of the plant itself, it can ward off unwelcome insects. If you are planning to put lavender outside your house, make sure you put some on the doorway so you can prevent house flies from coming in.


This plant contains the chemical pyrethrum which is frequently used in natural insect repellents and dog shampoo. This form of substance can kill and repel ants, ticks, fleas, spider mites, Japanese beetles, and even bed bugs. Surprisingly, this characteristic makes it a very fashionable way to repel many kinds of insects. The best part is, it makes a good design for your garden.


This is an aromatic herb that mosquitoes and flies don’t like. Place containers of basil around your outdoor areas where you like to relax. If you want, you can use it to make your own natural insect repellent by pouring four ounces of boiling water into a container with a generous handful of leaves and stems. Let the mixture sink in and steep for several hours. Afterward, strain it, then add four ounces of cheap vodka. Pour the solution into a spray bottle to spray whenever you're outdoors.


This plant has a long-standing reputation as a powerful companion plant because it releases an airborne chemical that repels a variety of insects, including aphids and whiteflies. You can plant these in the vegetable garden, in containers around the patio, or along flower beds. This easy-to-grow plant will protect itself, and other plants, from unwanted pests or insects.


This plant repels leafhoppers and other types of insects. Did you know that Pelargonium citrosum, one kind of Geranium, is known as a mosquito-repellent plant? According to several experts, when the plant is in bloom, they have pretty flowers with a lemon-like fragrance that keeps bugs at bay.


This is one of the best ways to repel mosquitoes. You can see many stores that sell citronella candles in your area. The main reason behind people buy these is their ability to ward off mosquitoes. According to the experts, the famous citronella oil is a natural essence found in lemongrass. It is an ornamental that can grow up to 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide in one season. It's worth noting that lemongrass isn't just the name of one plant; it's the umbrella name for plants in the Cymbopogon family, which also includes citronella grass. This grass with wonderful culinary uses is hardy only in South Florida (Zone 10), so almost everyone else will have to grow it as an annual. It blooms so well in a pot or in the ground. It prefers being in a sunny, well-drained location. Use its fragrant, narrow leaves in chicken and pork dishes and to flavor soups and salad dressing. Many Asian recipes call for lemongrass.


A favorite of gardeners. The roots of marigolds are well-known among farmers to repel nematodes, though those qualities require a year to take effect. They have even been proven to repel whiteflies away from tomato plants, according to a study published in 2019 by Newcastle University's School of Natural and Environmental Sciences. Did you know that marigolds release the substance limonene, which slows down whiteflies when they are flying around tomato plants?

Lemon Thyme

Repel mosquitoes only when you bruise their leaves to release the essential oils, but that takes no time at all! You can simply place a few planters with lemon thyme around your patio and as you sit outside, you can offend hovering mosquitoes by crushing a few leaves on the plant to release the scent.


Mint plant repels mosquitoes. Remember to contain this in a pot as it spreads aggressively and could overtake your small garden. Instead of doing that, you can place mint planters brimming around the patio to create a pest-free zone for your enjoyment. You can also create your own natural insect repellent by mixing mint oil with apple cider vinegar and witch hazel.  Consider a light misting every time you are outdoors will shoo irritating insects away.


Petunias are not just pretty with a sweet fragrance, these flowers are also known to repel aphids, tomato hornworms, asparagus beetles, leafhoppers, squash bugs and many more. Some people think of petunias as nature’s pesticide. These plants have sticky hairs that can essentially entrap insects. And the roots ultimately absorb the nutrients from the bodies of their prey. Petunias prefer full sun. They do love a long summer. A bunch of these on your garden and you will get yourself a free pest-control service in no time.


Turn the other way of aphids, as well as certain types of beetles and flies when they encounter it in your garden.

Floss Flowers

Did you know that Floss flowers contain the substance coumarin which is a chemical used in bug repellent sprays? Did you know that mosquitoes don't like the smell of the chemicals found in these flowers? These small plants produce blue, pink, and white blooms in the summer and fall. You might not see this often, but it is a majestic sight! These plants love to be planted in rock gardens, flower beds or as edging plants.


This plant is known to be a culinary favorite. But it also has other uses such as repelling mosquitoes and other varieties of insects that are harmful to vegetable plants. The plant and its cuttings are effective for pest control. You can make a simple repellent spray by boiling 1 quart of dried rosemary in a quart of water for 20 to 30 minutes and then straining the liquid into a container at least a half-gallon in size that contains a quart of cool water. Put a cap on the combined liquid and store it in the refrigerator. Afterward, add the mixture to small bottle sprays and squirt it as needed when going outdoors. Remember to keep the rest of the repellent in the refrigerator after use.

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