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Lake Norman Pest Control Is Now Lake Norman Home Services!

How To Deal With Dangerous Lawn Pests In Cornelius, NC


Everybody wants to have a very presentable lawn. The main purpose of such an endeavor is not to impress neighbors nor visitors. Rather, people want to maintain a glorious lawn for their own pride. People can just imagine going home after a long day as they are welcomed by the beautiful blossoms of flowers and the fragrant aroma thrust by the wind as it flows peacefully in the garden. For garden enthusiasts, it is important for them to maintain the health and integrity of their plants, bushes, and grass.

The Dangers Of Lawn Pests

However, there are dangerous lawn pests that can compromise the health and safety of the plants in the garden.  These pests include the Japanese beetle, moles, aphids, and many others. Apart from the fact that gardens attract such nuisances, they can also host a hiding spot for various indoor pests brooding to infest the interior of our home. For example, ticks and fleas originally come from the outside. The only time they infest is when a potential prey accidentally picks them up from the backyard.  

This can be very detrimental to our pets because it can bring anemia, skin disease, and paleness to our fur babies. As if it ends there, they can also affect humans, especially babies who have a weaker immune system. Did you know that ticks can bring Lyme disease among many others? This is the reason why you’re going to need a pest control service to do with your pest problems.

Lake Norman Home Services Is At Your Service

In Cornelius, North Carolina, you are lucky to have Lake Norman Home Services for a full and competent service. For over 50 years, this humble company has been saving lives and providing smiles to their respective customers. Founded by Sam and Fran Newman in the 1900s, Lake Norman Home Services has been nothing more but a blessing to the people in North Carolina. Our staff and exterminators pride themselves for their passion in their work. They never cease to train, learn and update their data about their line of work. At Lake Norman Home Services, you can experience high-quality service at a very affordable price.

Our pest experts in Cornelius, NC pride themselves in creating a state-of-the-art method of extermination which is safe for plants, humans, and animals. Not only will they help you get rid of dangerous lawn pests, but they can also provide lawn treatments to prevent any more infestation from bugs and insects. As discussed above, our garden can be a host to several indoor pests.  With the help of the local exterminator in Cornelius, NC, the Lake Norman Home Services, you can prevent these insects from ever entering your home.  

On the plus side, they can help exterminate all existing pest life in and out of your home. In our humble company, we provide a basic service plan for as low as $30.00 per month to exterminate most kinds of insects in the exterior and interior portions of your home. You can literally kill multiple pests with one stone. All it takes is one quick call, and you will be sure to experience the best service you deserve to finally get the pest-free life you always wanted.