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Signs That Pest Infestation Is Happening In Your Lawn And How To Keep It Healthy


Everyone wants to have a healthy lawn where they can enjoy their free time and play outdoor activities during the fine weather. In your lawn, you can plant flowers and herbs, run with your children and pets, and have a picnic with your family. However, the fun stops when pest infestation happens.

Pest infestation is one of the problems homeowners are facing which should not be ignored. We know the troubles pests bring and if you don’t make any move, it will get you big time. Mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, bees, termites, fleas, bed bugs, rodents, and spiders are some of the pests you will find in your lawn. They will target not only the inside of your property but as well the outside including your lawn.

On the other hand, some are not aware whether their lawns are in good condition or pests are already infesting. Yes, it is hard to identify if the pest infestation is happening but there are signs which will help you recognize if your lawn is suffering from pests.

You don’t have to worry now because we will give you signs that will help you know that pest infestation is occurring on your lawn. Check out these important tips for pest prevention and control.

Holes in the Lawn

You may have noticed that your lawn is getting tiny or big holes which is unusual. This can be a sign of pest infestation in your lawn and it needs an immediate response. The holes you see are done by pests that are looking for ways to get into their food sources or may have built their nests underground. Rodents, for example, will make holes in your lawn to conceal their food from others. In this way, the pest saves enough food which it will consume on its own. Also, the holes you see can be an indication that your enemies are big because it means that they are looking for smaller insects or bugs to target. If you keep on seeing holes in your lawn, it only means an infestation is already happening and you need the help of a professional pest exterminator to give you a hand.

Patches in the Lawn

It is not normal to see patches in your lawn and if you keep on seeing it, this means that pests are already eating the roots of the grass in your lawn. Seeing patches may worry you because it can spread easily if not treated. It is not good to have spots on some areas of your lawn because it can be unhealthy for the entire area. Make sure that you check your lawn for patches to prevent it from dying. Might as well seek the help of a pest exterminator to help you eliminate the pests behind the patches in your lawn.

Dying Grass

If you see your healthy grass begin to lose its lush, it might be dying and that’s a sign that pests are behind it. The dying grass in your lawn is an indication that a pest infestation is happening and you need to make a move. The grass dies or withers because the larvae of pests depend on grassroots. With this, pests will damage the roots over time which will lead to withering or dying of the grasses in your lawns. When you see dying grasses, make sure to apply immediate treatments. Don’t let your lawn be filled with dying grasses because it can be an indication that your lawn is open for all pests which the latter will take advantage of. 

Presence of Live Pests

One of the obvious signs that your lawn is experiencing a pest infestation is seeing live pests. Yes, when you see mosquitoes, ants, beetles, aphids, rodents, or more, it is time for you to seek help from a local company that deals with pest infestations. Having live pests will worsen the situation of your lawn and will make it hard to get rid of them over time. When live pests are present, all you need do is treat the pests using natural remedies or let a professional do it for you.

Your lawn should never be neglected because it is also a part of your home. Allowing pests to control your lawn can lead to damage which can be costly if you have it treated late. Make sure to check these signs to find out if your lawn is under a pest invasion or just needs care from you.

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Nobody wants to have a dying lawn as it takes away the place where you can enjoy outdoor activities. If you want to avoid pests from infesting your lawn, you need to maintain its healthiness and these are the ways how you can make it happen.  

Remove Moisture

 One of the reasons why pests keep on coming back on your lawn is due to moisture. Water is one of their needs to survive and if they find it in your lawn, they will immediately crawl into your place and begin looking for it. Mosquitoes are the top fans of moisture because it is where they can populate. If you have standing water in your lawns, remove it as it can be a breeding ground for pests. Also, moisture does not only attract one pest but it can bring several which can be chaotic.  

Throw Garbage Away

The garbage you keep in your lawn can attract pests and you will never love it. Since pests love filth, your trash is perfect for them. It can be a place for them to find food sources and it can even be a home for them. Flies, cockroaches, ants, rodents, and more will never skip the garbage cans you have hence you need to get rid of the trash before pests get to it. So, make sure that all garbage is thrown properly, or if you have bins outside, cover it tightly to prevent pests from penetrating it.   

Organize and Clean Your Lawn

Making your lawn organized and clean is a big step in keeping it healthy and away from pests. Mow the grass often to avoid it from getting tall which can be a hiding and breeding place for pests. Cutting down grass will avoid pests from eating it which can lead to withering. Also, if you have piles of wood in your lawn, make sure to remove it or elevate it to prevent termites from reaching it which is food for them. Place the wood far away from your property to keep pests out of your house. Don’t forget to prune trees and shrubs which are bridges for pests to transfer into your home.  

Hire a Professional

When all things fail, a professional is the best resort. A professional pest exterminator in Cornelius can help in eliminating the pests that keep on bothering your lawn. A pro knows what to do with the vermin as they are familiar with all the pests and is knowledgeable of its behaviors, cycles, and more. A professional can provide the best treatment plans for your lawn which is suitable for your needs and budget.

Here you go! These are the ways how you can keep your lawn healthy. If you need help from an expert, Lake Norman Home Services is the answer.

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