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How To Prevent Ticks And Fleas At Home


The climate in North Carolina is a very much favorable habitat for various pests. But, as we all know, pests are detrimental to the health and safety of our family including our fur babies. There are many things that compromise the health and safety of our pets. Be it a dog or a cat, it is our duty as responsible pet owners to keep them safe and to give them their needs. Just as needed most, it is necessary to find a pest expert in North Carolina to help us exterminate these pesky pests.

Ticks & Fleas 

Among various pests, two of these are known for compromising the safety of our family as well as our pets. These are the ticks and fleas. Some of you might be wondering if they are the same or not. Actually, they are two different species. Ticks are from the family of spiders or arachnids hence the formation of their body and their legs. They look like tiny spiders except they prey on the blood of our pets. They become round and bloated when they get a sufficient amount of blood in time for their maturity.

Fleas, on the other hand, are smaller than ticks. These creatures are very athletic because they are agile and speed, making it impossible for us humans to catch them. These two pests are notorious hiders. They can hide from the naked eye almost anywhere. Some can be found nesting on crevices, wall cracks, and corners. While some can right under our noses.  For all, we know they might be hiding under the sheets of our bed, our pillowcases, our clothing compartments and other places where they can keep warm. These pests can pose a great danger not only to our pets but also to us humans.

Problems These Pests Cause

Did you know that ticks and fleas can cause anemia and skin infection to our pets? If left untreated, it can cause paleness, inactivity, loss of appetite, and extreme discomfort. There have been those reported to die because of tick and flea infestation. As for humans, ticks are known to be notorious hoarders of parasites. They travel from one animal to another, picking up more parasites as they move along. When these pests get in contact with our skin, we are prone to catch the diseases brought by those parasites. Which is why it is important to be vigilant against ticks and fleas.

Prevent These Pests

If you have pests inside your home, it is important to maintain a clean surrounding all the time. Check and wipe the unused and dark places of your home. Inspect your compartments and apply mothballs if possible. It might not kill them but it helps to ward off unwanted pests from our storage units. Also, if you have a lawn, remember to treat it once in a while with insecticides or pesticides. This can help exterminate the pests that can enter your home or damage your garden.

Get Professional Help

The most effective technique in handling flea and tick extermination in North Carolina is getting professional help.  In North Carolina, we have Lake Norman Home Services that is known for expertise in pest extermination and excellent customer service.