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Mice: Why Are They Considered Pests?


A lot of people would disagree if mice were defined as pests. Some people out there actually keep rats as their pets. Some make a living by breeding rats and selling it to the market. The conflict whether a mouse is a pest or a pet lies on its lifestyle. If a mouse causes damage and illnesses to a household or if it poses as a nuisance, then, there is mice or pest infestation. But if it domesticated and treated with care, then there is no harm in that.

Everything In Mice Is Hazardous

Mice are considered pests in five grounds. First, they pose a big danger to our family members. Did you know that once human ingests mice droppings it could lead to certain diseases such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome? It could also be transmitted through a mouse’s saliva and urine. HPS has a fatality rate of 50% - a pretty big number if you come to think of it. Its symptoms can include fatigue, fever, muscle ache, nausea, vomiting, and chills. If not treated beforehand it could lead to more serious symptoms such as shortness of breath, tightness around the chest, rashes, and sore throat. Apart from that, droppings from a mouse can also cause amoebiasis, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and the bubonic plague. All of which are lethal to human health.

Rat-Bites Causes Illness

If you have children, you might want to watch out for the existence of rats. When these creatures feel threatened by others, they retaliate. You know how children can get curious. They touch things they do not understand. They might even find mice cute considering their size. But beware, these pests might bite your children and cause rat-bite fever among other illnesses.

Mice Can Destroy Everything In Your Home

Apart from the diseases they bring, rats can also bring harm to our homes by boring holes through our walls. This explains the incessant gnawing and scratching at night. Mice can also cause house fires. See, they can reach the electrical wirings of our home and gnaw on the insulators. This can cause a spark that starts a fire. Mice can destroy our appliances as well. Provided they make a way into our devices, they can damage our things from the inside out. Not only that, mice can destroy other properties as well such as clothing, food, storage compartments and other things they get their teeth on. These creatures may be small but they have a very huge appetite.

Getting Rid Of Mice

Which is why it is important to keep a clean and tidy home. Avoid creating attractions to pests and insects that can infest your home. If possible, ask for assistance in exterminating these mice to avoid putting more damage into your home. Among all these damage and peril that a mouse can bring, it is important to take care of your family and maintain a safe environment for your loved ones. Choose your safety among others and prevent the existence of mice into your home. Take necessary steps for mice and other pest control or better yet, call for help.