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The Danger Of Willful Ignorance Towards Pests


There are many unwanted factors that can compromise the safety of our home and our family. And as responsible parents or homeowners, it is our duty to maintain the safety of our families first. There are still people out there who remain skeptic about the danger of pests in our home. Little do they know the damage they bring to our homes and the diseases they spread to our family. 

Everyday Effects Pests Can Have 

Living happily in Davidson, North Carolina when I was a kid, my mother and I loved to grill barbeques in the backyard. Of course, we need several tools to do so. We needed to marinate the meat to give it flavor. For this, we needed condiments, Tupperware and other accessories to accomplish. While we were making the sauce for the barbeque, my brother suddenly ranted, “I hope you washed those before you used them. I saw some cockroaches crawling over it last night.”

Of course, even if my mom and I wanted to wash the tongs and the Tupperware, it was too late. The meat had already been marinated in it. Even if it was infested, the bacteria had already spread to the concoction. My mom decided to forego with the barbeque and ignore the fact that my brother told us. We happily grilled the meat and we ravished in its goodness afterward unsuspecting of any illness or disease we might catch because of bacteria. After how many hours, we realized how wrong we were to push through with the barbeque despite what my brother saw. I felt the symptoms of the illness worse than my mom. I was barely 8 years old back then so I had a weaker immune system.

So, I ended up with typhoid fever. I experienced two weeks of vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, muscle aches and more. It was like having the flu but way, way worse. It was the worst illness I had in my life. And until now, I will never forget it. Had we changed the whole set of meat and marinade that day, I would not have to live the next two weeks of my life dreadfully sick. For a moment there, I thought I was ready to die.

Dangers Of Pests At Home

Sometimes, people choose to stay ignorant when it comes to “small issues” such as pests. But there are various information and techniques that we cannot fathom that only pest control providers can carry out. This is to help ensure the utmost safety of the family, leaving no trace of any bacteria nor infestation. See, ladies and gentlemen, the safety of the family is always first. I would like to raise awareness to all families out there who disregard the danger brought about by various pests at home. Do not risk the lives of your children for a petty moment of joy.

Always remember to put your safety as a family first. So what if you have to change the whole set? So what if you have to go over again? As long as you do not compromise the health of your family members, you are good to go. That was me and my mother’s worst mistake. If ever I would have died in that illness, my mother would have felt the greatest guilt. I am lucky to have survived the diseases brought by pests. Who is to say your son or daughter can, too? Most people disregard the value of contacting a pest control expert in Davidson, NC.

Call An Expert Today

Most people claim that they can take care of pests on their own. But there can be consequences when people take matters into their own hands. People believe that squishing an ant or a cockroach is the most effective way to exterminate them. But in reality, without further intervention, this can cause the worst spread of bacteria in the household.

Others believe that simply trapping mice can get rid of the whole problem. But this does not exterminate their offspring who readily aim to infest our homes. Good thing, we have a local pest exterminator in Davidson, NC that is considered an expert in the industry and can be trusted with our pest infestation problem. Get the help of Lake Norman Home Services Company in getting rid of pests in your home.