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What To Expect In A Pest Extermination Service


Pests are likened to thieves and burglars in the night. They pilfer our goodies when we are asleep. There is a danger with having pests around in the household. Taken danger to the family and to the house without us even knowing it.


For example, the termite is one of the most notorious destroyers of wooden homes. Did you know that in North Carolina alone, the damage is caused by termites cost around a million dollar a year? The danger with having termites is you never know they exist until the damage has already been done.

Another famous home destroyer is the rat and the mouse. Not only do they bore holes on our walls but they also target appliances and electrical wirings. Once damaged, it can cause fire and puts our family in grave danger. These rodents can also bring diseases through their droppings and saliva. Once ingested, it can cause Amoebiasis and Salmonellosis among many others.

If you have pets and they come in contact with fleas and ticks, this could also be a problem in the household.  Not only do these pests prey on our innocent pets, but they also prey on humans provided the chance. Tics and fleas are very difficult to get rid of. They hide in the smallest, darkest, and unused spaces of our home to reproduce. They only come out when it’s time to feed. The worst part is, they can survive in those compartments for over 20 days without blood. Sometimes, it becomes impossible to exterminate all of them. Which is why you need a pest control provider in North Carolina who has it all for you.  

What To Expect

Whenever you call for an extermination service, there are things you need to expect to ensure the efficiency of their methods. When you observe the men at work, you will eventually notice their knowledge and expertise about your problem.

Expect that they know the possible places of the hideout and does the necessary treatments to get rid of your pest problems. They must be keen inspectors of pest activity in and out of your home to mark their targets. You can suggest places where you observed to have various pest activity such as the backyard, attic, or basement. From your observation, you must assess whether they are skillful in using the tools and methods for extermination or else, it could bring more harm to your home and to your family.

Feel free to ask about the chemicals used. Is it safe for your pets, plants, and family? What if there are residues, is it safe for contact?  These are the necessary questions asked during an extermination service. Afterward, you can probably ask what you can do to prevent insects from coming back.

Contact The Best

Being an exterminator means really hard work. You need to understand thoroughly the activity patterns of your target to know where to hit them where it hurts the most. But as a responsible home-owner, you must work with only the best pest exterminator in North Carolina in dealing with the insects by giving them insights into your observations about their patterns and their possible habitat. To increase the potency and reliability of the pest control methods, work for hand in hand to make your home safe and free from pests.  For the best exterminator, get in touch with Lake Norman Home Services Company. They are the experts in town in dealing with various kinds of pests.