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Why Do Pests Infest Our Home?


When you establish a home, the most important factor to consider is the safety of your family. But this should not only ward off criminals from breaking and entering. Your home must be able to ward off pests and insects as well. Of course, the occurrence of these threats is inevitable and uncontrollable. Because they have their own reasons why they infest and pilfer our homes.

Pest Thieves 

I would like to associate pests with burglars or thieves in the night. They storm into our homes unwanted. But instead of targeting our money or appliances, they target our food and beverages. If you are living in North Carolina, you must consider that the weather is so favorable for various pests. So, it is important to seek the help of pest experts in North Carolina to safeguard your family and properties against pest infestation. Otherwise, different pests are just around trying their best to get inside your home.

Food Pests

There are insects which pilfer starches, grains, and corns.


Another species called the moth is very common in pilfering not only food but clothes as well. A species called the case making moth is known to target the linings of fiber in our storage units of clothes.  Most people are familiar with moths and they think that these creatures are fragile. Most people believe the myth that by touching a moth’s wings, it can be damaged and it will not be able to fly. The truth is, the founder from the moth’s wings is merely for thermoregulation and for autostability. Though it can cause irritation, it has not yet been proven that it can cause blindness.


Termites are known to be one of the common pests in the United States. They cause millions of damages to wooden homes each year.  Termites work in colonies and are highly intellectual insects. From the moment they see and feel the structure of a house, they find out exactly what its weaknesses are.  The reason why termites target homes are moist from underneath our structures. In order for their colony to survive, they need the warmth and food which they can find on the base of our home. There is a danger with having termites.  You will never know the damage until it has already been done.

The main reason why pests infest our home is food and shelter. Much like the cockroach, mouse, and rat who cannot survive outdoors especially on the cold weather, they need the warmth our humble abode. Like animals, one of the basic instincts of insects is to reproduce. But to do that, they need to establish a home for their eggs and larvae.

For example, the mosquitoes cannot lay eggs without puddles of water. Like a mother protective of its young, when it feels unsafe of the environment, it changes course. But as long as insects do not feel any danger coming towards them, they will stand their ground and continually infest your home.

Preventing Pests 

To prevent pests from infesting your home it is always best to keep a clean surrounding.  If you do not want pests and unwanted insects, do not give them a reason to enter your home. Much like a criminal, when they sense something golden hidden in your abode, they will surely do what they can to get it. In North Carolina, we have Lake Norman Home Services Company who is serving the community for more than 50 years. They are considered as the best pest exterminator in North Carolina because of various reasons that include their excellent extermination procedure and customer service.