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The Best Pest Control For Flies In Concord, NC


Can you identify any other insect that is as filthy as the cockroach?  If your answer is, then you are correct. Flies are among the filthiest creatures on the planet; they feed on human and animal wastes, spoiled foods, dead animals, and whatever is in your garbage. They can breed in bins and food thrown away. They are not picky eaters though, as they attack even freshly cooked food, or whatever state the food is in. What makes it worse is that they carry hundreds of pathogens that they are generous enough to share with humans.

The Best Insect Control 

Naturally, you should be concerned when flies start to buzz around your house. They bring in bacteria and viruses which can easily cause illnesses to you and your loved ones. If you already have a fly infestation and are looking for the best insect control in Concord, NC, do not worry, Lake Norman Home Services Company is here for you. The first step to being fly-free is to know how to identify these pests.

Identifying Flies

Of all the flies in this world, the most common here in the United States are the house fly, the little house fly, horse fly, cluster fly, and the black fly.

House Fly

House flies are major carriers of diseases. They are 4 to 7.5 mm long, usually gray in color with four dark lines in the thorax. These are the flies that usually find inside your homes. There being pathogen carriers come from feeding on animal feces, body excretions, garbage, and dead animals. The thing is, they also like feeding on fresh food and we often see them crawling on whatever food is inside the house that is unprotected. Transmission of diseases happens this way. The bacteria and viruses they carry can cause diseases like diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, and food poisoning.

Little House Fly

Little house flies are smaller than the house fly.  They are about 3.5 to 6 mm in length. Unlike the house flies, the little house flies do not land on human food and do not spread diseases.  They can be considered as nuisance pests.


In the United States, there are more than 20 kinds of horsefly. They are pests to both humans and animals because of their bites. They are about  ½ to ¼ inches long with black or gray bodies with green eyes.

Cluster Fly 

Cluster flies are household pests. They measure 8 to 10 mm with light or dark-gray checkered abdomens. They often congregate near windows and ceiling light fixtures, making them such a nuisance.


If you are already suffering from a fly infestation, you may call in the best pest control company in Concord, NC: Lake Norman Home Services Company. Lake Norman uses the latest and most advanced equipment in the business for exterminating pests, so you know they will be in control of the pests. In addition, you are assured of your safety as they employ family friendly and pet-friendly. Lake Norman Home Services Company has been serving customers for more than 50 years now.