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All-Natural Ways Of Eliminating Termites


If you were to ask what is the most damaging household pest for me, it would be the termites. I have had my fair share of experiences in dealing with several pests such as rats, cockroaches, mice, and weevils. But termites have become my worst nemesis.

See, we lived in a small wooden cottage on the outskirts of Denver about 1 to 2 years ago. My mother and I sought a peaceful life, so we bought a wooden home because to us, it was homey and beautiful. We had a small garden in the backyard that my mom tended to during her free time. For so many months, we lived there happily, without any form of outside stress.

Then came the cold weather. To us, the cold was not bothersome. We were able to store enough food for us to eat so we do not have to go out as much. The blankets and the heaters were just right to give us the temperature that we require. Back then, we did not know that we were facing an even bigger danger to our home than the cold.

One month into the cold season, we started to experience the cold in a slightly different way. It seemed like the breeze was entering freely into our kitchen and spreads all throughout the house. At first, we thought it could probably a small crevice brought by the moist. As we checked through the house, we noticed disproportions on our sealed windows. It would seem that the brackets attached to the wooden pane started to loosen. And this compromised the sturdiness of the windows, allowing the cold to enter our home. We could not do much during that time because we did not know what to do and we did not know where to get help.

One day, the rain stopped and the sun was waning as it starts to heat up the surroundings. My mom and I decided this could a good time to really check the hidden reason behind these distortions inside our house. Luckily, we had an uncle who specializes in woodcrafts. As he examined the house, the first thing he said was, “You are in big trouble.” As we exchanged glances, wondering what he meant, he offered us the phone and insisted we needed to call for help.

We found out soon enough that termites had started to infest the west wing of our house. This explained the weak foundations of the window and the crevices on our walls. It turns out that they had established their colony in one of the bearings of our house and worked their way from them. Uncle Ben said that if we had not let him check the house, the whole house would have been destroyed by the end of the month.  

Natural Ways Of Eliminating Termites

Since then, I had been searching for ways on how to eliminate these filthy and cunning pests to help my mom exterminate them from our walls. Luckily, I was able to find these natural ways to get rid of termites from home:

1. Boric Acid – in the past articles, we have discussed that this homemade poison is effective in killing rats, cockroaches, and other pets at home. Little did I know before that this could be effective on termites as well. According to experts, to use boric acid as a poison against termites, mix Sodium Borate with water and spray it on infested areas. Not only will it help you exterminate roaches and mice, but you will also kill termites in your area as well. You can also use this as a lawn treatment. In our case, we sprayed boric acid all over our garden to ward off any existing pests that might infest our homes.

2. Another common way to get rid of termites is to use orange oil. Did you know that orange contains what is known to be a d-limonene which is very deadly to pests? This could be extracted from orange peels, but you can also buy it in department stores.

3. Create a termite trap. Termites love moisture. To create a trap for them, use wet cardboard as bait for termites. Leave it near the infested areas in your home and wait for termites to approach it. You can leave it overnight and burn it in the morning. You will be surprised how many termites you can kill in a day!

4. Expose the termites to hot and cold temperature. One of the reasons why they are called winter pests is their inability to ward off the cold.  Although they live in colonies, it is not enough for them to survive the cold, especially during the winter. This is also one of the reasons why they infest houses when the cold season comes to wait for the cold out at the same time look for food to eat. One of the best ways to get rid of termites is to expose them to very cold temperatures such as turning the air conditioning low. They cannot also survive very warm temperature. So, you can either decide to keep the AC at a very low or high temperature.

5. Expose the area to sunlight. Since termites are very attracted to moist, one way to get rid of this is through sunlight exposure. The problem is, you need to wait for the sun to do this effectively.

6. This might come as a shock but salt can be very effective in dealing with termites too. Mix salt with water inside a spray bottle and apply it on infested areas around your home.  This could also be done using white vinegar and baking soda powder.

7. Experts also regard petroleum jelly as a means to exterminate and ward off termites at home. Rub it along the infested areas to create a perimeter and leave it for one day or two days. Afterward, polish your wooden fixtures with a soft cloth.

8. Garlic, Canola, and Clove oil, along with orange oil and Aloe Vera oil is also very dangerous to termites. Just mix it with water and spray it on the infested areas inside or outside your home.  You could also use this as a lawn treatment to ward off other pests other than termites.

9. Have you ever heard about “Beauveria Bassiana?” This is actually one of the most lethal soil-borne fungi that feed on the nutrients of insects, including termites. Although the process progresses slowly, it is effective to fully exterminate a whole colony of termites given a 7-day timeframe. But remember that this fungus is sensitive to sunlight. You might want to use this in the evening.

10. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is also a common trend to kill several pest species at home. It aids in scorching and desiccating pests such as cockroaches and termites. The best part is, DE can be used liberally at home because it is safe for human and animal contact. According to experts, this is a good way to get rid of termites from wooden walls, furniture, and fixtures.

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When uncle Ben gave my mom the phone to call for help. We were clueless as to who he was referring to. Only to find out that he was making us call a pest control service in Denver, NC. My mom and I got lucky. 15 days by then, we would not have any house to live in. At first, we felt rather a skeptic in calling for a pest control service. But uncle Ben explained that this could not be handled by typical people. The kind of infestation we had back then was irreversible for natural ways. The termites had taken their unstoppable roots inside the walls of our home. Luckily, we had one last shot to look up to.

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