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Odorous House Ants: Facts, Identification, & Control


Have you ever experienced accidentally squishing an ant on the wall, and turns out to be very odorous? I know, it stinks. The smell even latches on to you. It’s very difficult to shake it off. Squishing bugs, including ants is a normal instinct especially given the countless detrimental effects of having them around at home.

Have you ever experienced accidentally squishing an ant on the wall, and turns out to be very odorous? I know, it stinks. The smell even latches on to you. It’s very difficult to shake it off. Squishing bugs, including ants is a normal instinct especially given the countless detrimental effects of having them Did you know that ants bring various bacteria in the household? We know them to be great scavengers and pilferers of excess food.

However, this is not the only food source they bring to their colony. They travel far and wide to scour the world for other sources of nutrition. This might include the carcasses of cockroaches, mice, rats, even other dead animals. Imagine how much bacteria they can hoard from these ventures! The parasites that latch onto their body feeds on other species, including other human beings. So, we should never take the existence of rats for granted at home. But how will we know which ants to squish without suffering the odorous consequences? For this segment, we will be discussing the different odorous ants that can infest our homes.

An Overview Of Odorous House Ants

The species of ants that produce a foul odor upon death belong to the Tapino Sessile group, a small species of ants that are very common in the household. Each of the colonies may include 100,000 workers and slaves, including its helpers and the Queen itself. The queen is the only member of the ant family who has wings. However, its main purpose is only to breed and lag eggs. Her workers and slaves do all the working and the decision-making in the colony.

When the offspring of the queen ant becomes sexually mature, they start to acquire their own wings and look for a mate in a specific breeding season. This process is known as hill topping. This is also the reason why we see flying ants swarming in the environment. Once the females are fertilized, the males die out of a life fulfilled. These female ants then look for an appropriate nest where they can lay eggs and cut off their wings as a source of nutrition.

These ant species are known to be one of the most common scavengers of food. The stink like rotten coconut when they are squished or crushed in any way. Because of this distinct smell, people also call them coconut ants. This specific species is characterized by being black in color and having a body size of about 1/16th inch to 1/8th inch. Although they do not bite, they are known to be a nuisance in the household. They can infest ant contaminate the food that is accessible to them. You can observe how these ants go in groups to look for food. You notice them in large numbers especially on your dining area or the kitchen. They are very attracted to food crumbs, especially on sugary foods such as cookies and chocolate.

As we all know, ants are known as one of the most common winter pests that infest homes. Much like human beings, their first instinct is to mate and to provide shelter for their offspring. One of the main reasons they infest homes is to ward off the cold. Their bodies cannot survive the cold temperature just like the cockroach, rats, and mice. Because of this, they look for the most stable home to infest. When they determine that your house is probably uncleaned, they are more likely to establish their colony in or around it.

Signs Of Odorous Ant Infestation

The most common sign of having an ant infestation is the presence of worker ants, also known as slave ants, including sightings of winged swarmers inside your house or around it. These creatures can nest both indoors and outdoors, wherever they feel more secure. Sometimes, they can even establish their nests right under our noses like the back of our cabinets, the crevices on walls, and floors. If your home is made out of wood, you can expect them to bore holes on your walls just to have a more secure nest.

Ants have different preferences in establishing their nests. Some like to have their children under rocks, some on live trunks of trees and the stems of plants. Others can even be found on dried wood all around your home. As long as they have anything to eat around their nest, they will be satisfied for the whole duration of breeding.

Ritual To A Fallen Comrade

It is true that ants are one of the most common social species in the world. Just like humans, they take the death of their companions seriously. Did you know that they have their own ritual in dealing with the death of their comrade? When one dies, the body of their fallen companion will remain there for roughly two days as the whole colony prepares for a wake.

An entomologist named Edward Wilson who studied the activities of ants have found that they have their own way to pay their respects to the dead. In turn, they have their own process of healing from the incident. Two days after the ant’s death, it releases what is known as “Oleic Acid” that signals his colony that there is a loss in the colony. Once the workers and soldiers smell this scent, they get into action and carry the carcass away and put the body to rest. 

DIY Methods To Control Ant Infestation

1. Regularly Clean your House. Always remember to clean as you go. It does not hurt to clean your house regularly. In fact, it can be very beneficial to keep pests away. This might not eliminate the already-existing pests but at least it helps remove all attractions that can lure pests to your humble abode.

2. Check the unused and dark places inside and outside your home. Ants always keep their colonies away from the prying eyes of their enemies, humans included. Which is why when they infest homes, they stay out of our radar. To secure their infestation, it is best to conduct a weekly cleaning of various places inside your home.

3. Apply pesticide on your lawn and secure pests on your backyard. There are many kinds of pesticides you can use to exterminate pests on your lawn. We have discussed that ants can also feed on carcasses of dead insects and pests. This includes lawn pests. They stay in your gardens and establish their colonies on the ground when they perceive that your lawn is a goldmine of the food source. So, to avoid ant infestation on your lawn and house, apply treatments regularly.

Call For The Best Pest Exterminator

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First and foremost, you need to do your research about every company that you plan to call. Look at their reviews and assess if it is highly recommended by those who have tried their services. Are they competent and skilled enough to handle your problems? Do they use safe methods of pest control? What about their price, can you afford it? These questions are essential to avoid and regrets and budget constraints.

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