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How Ants Survive The Winter


Ants are one of the most common pests in the household. Did you know that you cannot go a second without an ant brooding within 3 feet from you? Ants are known to be social ants. That is why in our children’s tale, we usually regard them as helpful, strong, industrious, and responsible. To give you an overview, let us discuss the common features of ants that make them unique.

Ants belong to the family of insects known as the Formicidae which is associated with wasps and bees. Did you know that there are over 22,000 known species of ants in the whole world? Perhaps the most common ants we see at home are the carpenter ants, the odorous house ants, the pavement ants, and the army ants.

Carpenter ants are one of the most damaging species of ants because they excavate wood. It could be very detrimental to your walls and your ceilings when you are infested with these ants. It could also destroy your furniture if they are not controlled immediately. These creatures love to establish their homes in crevices, dark places, and even the unused spaces in your house.

If you see flying ants around your surroundings, they consist of these carpenter ants that have reached the peak of their maturity. This is the phase of their reproduction that involves mating and reproduction. When the season for mating is over, the male flying ants start to die out of a life fulfilled, and the female carpenter ants look for a place to nest their egg.

The nesting preferences of these carpenter ants vary from one female ant to another. Usually, they prefer wooden habitats with all-around access to moist and food. They start to remove their wings and use it as a form of a supplement as they wait for their eggs to hatch.

The second most common ant in the household is the odorous house ant. From the name itself, they excrete a very pungent smell that serves as a signal to their comrades that one of their comrades has died. Most people say that the type of odor that they secrete signals the ant colony to target their killer. In fact, it is a mere signal to prepare awake, to give an opportunity for their comrades to pay their respects to their fallen comrade. Did you know that the smell itself is enough to signal the ants of death? Even when an ant is alive, when he has been infused with the chemical, he is as good as dead to the whole colony. They really take their dead seriously.

The next type of ant is the pavement ant which has so many queens in the colony. Unlike the carpenter ants, these pavement ants like to build anthills on the soil. They are more aggressive than the two mentioned above, especially when they sense a great danger from the predator.

The last but not the least common ant is the army ant. From the name itself, they are the most barbaric species of ants in the whole world. They have a very well-developed mandible that they use to dismember their prey that can even be 100 to 1000 times their own size. You know how big scorpions can get. Apart from this, the scorpions possess a very hard shell. Surprisingly, this is a very easy target for army ants. They can sacrifice themselves just for the kill. They do this to any other predator including humans when they perceive danger. So, whenever you see ants with very long mandibles, do not approach. You might get into big trouble and acquire anaphylactic shock from the bite of an army ant. These ants are also known as nomadic ants because they do not stay in one place. They move around a lot, eliminating and dismembering everything in their path. Army ants only stay in one place when they need warmth, security, and an abundant source of food for their queen and the whole colony.

As you all know, ants live and hunt in colonies. Within each one, they have three classifications of ants, also known as their social castes in which every type of ant has its own role in the colony. The first one is the queen ant. This is the largest ant in a colony. And its main job is to reproduce hundreds of thousands of eggs in one lifetime. Unlike human queens, who can give orders, ant queens do not have the authority to command its helpers. They have an initiative of their own. Like the second type of ant known as the soldier ant. These are responsible for the defense of the whole colony. They fight to death especially when it means that their sacrifice will be saving their whole kin. The last type of ant in the colony is the worker ant, also known as the slave ants. This type of ants is responsible for nursing the young ants and scouting for food outside the colony. They are also responsible for carting the crumbs and food remains back to their colony. When they find a food source, they secrete a chemical called pheromones that indicate the presence of food in a particular area. This signals the other worker ants to get in action and help carry the food back to the colony.

Another interesting fact about ants is that they are considered as winter pests. It is not because they can survive the cold outdoors. But because of their need to infest homes during the cold weather. You can observe the dramatic increase of ant infestation in your home during the cold weather simply because they need the shelter, food, warmth, and security they require to survive. They can even hide right under your noses such as the crevices on your walls and your floors. They can hide on your storage and compartment areas, especially when it is unchecked and unused.

How To Get Rid Of Ants At Home

Which is why to get rid of these ant species, you need to consider these simple methods to help lessen if not eliminate the threat of ants inside your home. First and foremost, consider cleaning your home regularly. Avoid leaving crumbs on your sofa and your floors. As much as possible, clean as you go. Do not let any part of your house cluttered and filled with dirt and garbage from your activities. This might not get rid of existing ants, but it will help eliminate all kinds of distractions so no ant will dare enter the house without thinking it is unsecured.

Another good tip to avoid having pest infestations inside your home is to recheck your whole house for any passageways that pests can use to enter. Search for ant holes and crevices where ants can hide. Also, check if there are bushes and trees that are near your house proper. This can be a good passage for ants to enter at such short notice. If possible, move it far away from your house. You can use several forms of pesticides and essential oils to help ward off ants that can enter your home.

Quick Fix For Your Ant Problem

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