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Why Pests Are Attracted To Your Home


One of the many problems that homeowners experience is pest infestation. From ants down to cockroaches, all pests are annoying at the same time scary since some are disease carriers. Thankfully, a reliable pest control company in Concord can save you from pest infestation.

On the other hand, pests don’t easily infest a property if they cannot find what they need. If your home in Concord is too attractive to pests, expect that several pesky pests will sneak into your home and will start to cause damages. You may have been making your home way too appealing without knowing.

When pests are around, don’t only stare at them! It’s best to look for the possible causes why those nuisances are invading your area. There are several reasons why your house is attractive to pests and if you want to know, let’s find out now!

Food Sources

One of the main reasons why pests come inside your home is because they can spot food sources everywhere. They will initially visit your kitchen where food is available. Ants, cockroaches, rodents, and flies are the common pests you will see, and they will be around to look for something to eat. They will invade your kitchen sink, food storages, countertops, cupboards, drawers, and cabinets. They will sneakily crawl on your kitchen floor and look for food crumbs which they can bring back to their nest. Also, they will target your unwashed dishes to look for leftovers. If you think you are infested by pests, don’t hesitate to hire pest control in Concord.

Moreover, if you have ripe fruits at home and placed on your table, remove it as it can attract fruit flies. Those annoying flying pests will continue to target your ripe fruits which is why you should keep fruits inside the refrigerator. If you don’t want any pest to come inside your house regardless of the season, better keep your food sources away or out. In this way, pests will not be able to find your food and will prevent them from causing contamination which is even dangerous for you and your family.

Damp Areas

Aside from food, pests survive because they need water and if there are damp areas found in your area, expect that those nuisances will quickly swarm your property. Your bathroom, kitchen, roof, attic, and backyard are always prone to pest infestation because damp areas are accessible. Rodents, termites, and cockroaches are attracted to moist, and they will instantly come when they see it in your house. They will build their nest at the same time cause damages which will be more expensive when you have it repaired. That’s why it totally makes sense to bring in a professional pest control contractor in Concord, NC.

Also, standing water in your backyard is a big attraction for pests like mosquitoes as it is a place for them to breed. The stagnant water will accommodate eggs which will be risky as mosquitoes carry deadly diseases which make the pest the most dangerous animal in the world. If you don’t want to have more pests at home, always check for water leaks. When there are damp areas, seal the leaks as quickly as possible to lessen the presence of pests. If you leave those places moist all the time, expect that in no time, several pests are already partying in your house.


If you have wood or wooden furniture at home, you are attracting pests like termites and carpenter ants. Logs are food for termites, and when they find it, they will eat non-stop until nothing is left behind. The pest will not only target the piles of wood you have at home and your wooden furniture, but the structure of the whole place will also be food for them. If you don’t remove the wood in your place, those termites will never stop invading your home. They will even build mounds which are connected to their nest for them to eat the wood easily. When they made their mounds, it will be harder to get rid of them. So, if you don’t want termites, mosquitoes or any pest to infest your property, better remove those water sources to keep a pest-free home. You may talk to a local pest control company in Concord for more tips on how to avoid and get rid of pests.


If you have a messy home, you are inviting unwanted guests to come over. Pests love clutter as they can use it as their habitat. They will make their nest and might as well live in your house forever. Piles of papers, magazines, newspaper, clothes or other items are what pests love, and they will immediately secure a place for them to hide and stay. Spiders are also in love with clutter as they can make cobwebs which will serve as their home and a trap for other pests. A dependable pest control company in Concord advises homeowners to keep their home clean and in order to prevent pest infestation. The more organized, the better your house will be.


Aside from food and water, pests are also attracted to garbage. Trash alone is already bad for the eyes and seeing it together with pests is more unpleasant. Pests can smell garbage, and once they find it, they will certainly come and invade your trash. They love dirt; that’s why they will never hesitate to dive in and look for food. If you don’t want your garbage to ruin your peaceful home, close your trash bins to prevent any pest from infiltrating. In this way, they will not be able to find your garbage.

Another tip from pest control experts in Concord is to practice proper disposal to avoid stocking the trash in your home. You should regularly move it outside so that it will be collected and no pest will be able to touch it. Your garbage can be an attraction to pests and getting rid of them often will help in resolving your pest problems in Concord successfully.

Cracks, Holes, & Gaps

Pests cannot easily enter your home if they can’t find entry points. Cracks, holes, and gaps are the common entrances of pests like cockroaches, ants, rodents, and termites. They will pass through those holes no matter how small it is to enter your humble abode. If you leave those entry points open, you can expect a swarm of pests will be present inside your property. According to pest control experts in Concord, one way to know if there are cracks, holes, and gaps is to inspect your property for you to know if damages are done.

When you found entry points, seal those holes, cracks, and gaps to stop pests from coming in. When they can’t find any place to enter, they will give up and might as well look for another place to infest. If you don’t want any pest to come in your home freely, better repair those gaps, holes, and cracks to keep your home safe from any infestation.

Unmaintained Backyard

Pests don’t only infest the interior of a home, but the exterior is also susceptible to their wrath. Before they infiltrate inside, they will first pass through your backyard, and it can also be an attractive place for them. Pests invade unmaintained backyard because they can find a place to build their nests and increase their population.

If you don’t want your backyard to be filled with pests, better remove wood piles which are tempting to termites and ants. Another is to cut down shrubs and tree branches which can serve as a bridge for pests to move inside your house. Also, don’t forget to mow grasses regularly to remove possible habitats for pests. If you maintain your backyard, expect that pests will never come to your property.

These are the reasons why pests are attracted to your home. If you have these around, better remove it to keep your home pest-free. If you keep food sources, damp areas, or garbage around your home, you are inviting unwelcomed visitors to infest your property. If you want to get rid of pests for good, the only way is to call a professional pest exterminator in Concord to get rid of them successfully. 

Certified Pest Control Company

Pests are annoying as they can infest your home and cause severe damages. When they are around, they can even be the cause of anxieties in your family. If you want to have a peaceful, healthy, clean, and pest-free home which your family can enjoy, an expert is what you need, and that’s Lake Norman Home Services.

Lake Norman Home Services is a leading pest control company in Concord, NC which can resolve your pest issues successfully. They have the best and incomparable solutions which will help you get rid of pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, fleas, spiders, rodents, mosquitoes, and more. The company provides exceptional services which are performed by skilled and licensed exterminators.

The company ensures that safe and effective methods are used to keep you on unharmed during and after treatment. They will also come for follow-up checkups to see whether the treatments made an effect. Rest assured that Lake Norman Home Services will never leave any trace of pest in your property to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Whatever pests you have at your Concord home, don’t hesitate to call Lake Norman Home Services at (980) 577-6040 and they will instantly come to serve your needs.