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How You Are Attracting Ants To Your Home


Have you ever wondered why you randomly see ants crawling around your home? Seeing these species of different colors and knowing they have a colony around can be really frustrating. You keep on asking yourself where these insects are coming from. No matter how much you clean and vacuum, you always see ants around. We are left hanging with the question, “How am I still attracting these pests into my home?”

Ants are social insects that are known to have more than 10,000 species throughout the world. They come in diverse colors and sizes. Probably, the first thing you notice once you see ants marching up and down pavements is their teamwork. They line up while crawling on your floor, wall, even appliances as they scour for food as a group. Ants have a common language that signals their fellow members and summons ant soldiers when needed. They secrete some form of pheromones they leave as a trail for other ants to follow.

Words spread quickly around the colony as soon as they see an opportunity to enter your home, or when somebody found food to pilfer. When an ant sees you have left some crumbs or food around, they never hesitate to signal their comrades. That is why one starts to become ten, the twenty. Soon, your couch or your table will be swarmed by ants.

The ant colony is headed by the Queen Ant who is usually bigger than all the members of the group. One interesting thing about the Queen Ant is its ability to fly. Did you know that she is the only one who can lay eggs in the colony? She gives birth to soldiers, nursing ants, and slaves, completing the colony. The queen ant reproduces quickly at an approximate of a million eggs per breeding.

Typically, worker ants will climb all over their queen to feed her, clean her, and help her to secure eggs as she produces them. However, being in charge of supplying successive generations of ants is where her authority ends. In fact, beyond the grooming and serving she receives from other ants, the queen ant enjoys no real special treatment or authority. She has no known power or decision-making control. Instead, her sole function is to only reproduce.

The only typical reason why ants infest homes is their need for food and shelter for their queen and their fellow ants. Regardless of what season it is, they are always unwanted guests. Their existence must never be taken for granted. Once you do, you might face a full-blown infestation that could be detrimental to the integrity of your home and the health of your family. Did you know that ants are very good bacteria and parasite hoarders? Most people might not know this but ants can bring diseases to our family. As you all know, these creatures crawl everywhere, even the dirtiest places in the environment. They feed on the carcass of dead insects and animals. Some of them even crawl on sewers and pipes looking for food.

Before, I used to let ants crawl on my food. I believed that they would not bring any harm to me. When my carton of cereals was infested by some ants, I did not know better but to just shoo them off and eat the cereals as nothing happened. But that was before I found out that they can bring various diseases to human beings. Ever since I knew of the dangers, I was very careful to keep my storage units in check of an ant infestation.

Therefore, it is important to identify the reasons as to why you are attracting ants to your home. These might not get rid the already-existing ants inside your house, but it could prevent any more from coming in. Here are the most common reasons you might need to know.


Worker ants scavenge for food and other sources via scent and carry the food to their colony. It is not a surprise that ants have a big sweet tooth so you see them on sweets left uncovered. They are also interested in leftovers and eat any kinds. Thus, it is necessary to keep your pantry and kitchen clean of any food spillage. Secure your food especially sweet ones because if you leave them uncovered, do not be shocked if ants are camping on them already.


Ants need water sources to their nest and build a colony. If the season is dry, this makes them look for water in nearby areas. Your home is not an exemption. They invade your home mostly during summer through the leaking pipes and other water fixtures. Hence, you need to check your home if there is any leaking because ants tend to gather on it to get water for their colony.

High Moisture Level

This is another factor that can trigger the invasion of ants in your home. Most of these insects love living in an area where there are high moisture and humidity level. Therefore, consider buying a dehumidifier device for reducing humidity in your house. It has been proven that dry air can lessen ant infestation in houses.


If you have sawn woods around your house, eliminate them immediately. Ants create their nests from these materials. The presence of unwanted and unused wood can easily attract these creatures to build their colony around your house.


They do not just build their nests underground but also around certain areas of your premise. Ants do this to have easy access to food and water. So, as a responsible home-owner, it is important to cover the gap, cracks, leaking and entry points in your house as much as you can to prevent them to come inside your home.


Although plants can be a nice decoration for your home, it is a common attraction to ants. They use these as a bridge into your comfort zone. Therefore, keep the plants away from windows, walls, and other openings. Trim the bushes around your home, and move them further away from your house proper.

These are the most common reasons why you are attracting ants to your home. Of course, you would not want to see different kinds of ants living under the same roof like yours. That is why it is important to take precautionary measures to prevent them from camping in your place. You can create a comprehensive control plan to stop them from invading your home. However, if you think it is impossible to get rid of the infestation on your own, try seeking help from pests control professionals. As much as possible, we want to live in peace in our own home and not be annoyed by the unwanted creatures.

A Professional Pest Control Provider

To look for the best local exterminator in Mooresville, NC you need to consider several factors. It is apparent that we need to think about the skills and knowledge of the exterminators in a company. However, it also pays off to check the methods and treatments used in pest control. When we are dealing with ants at home, most of the treatments will be held indoors. We need to consider if these methods and treatments are safe for our home, especially to our families. If the company uses harmful treatments to exterminate pests, we need to steer clear from trouble. I am sure you would not want to risk the health of your family.

Another important factor to look for in a pest control service in Mooresville is the price. Avoid those companies who give false and vague information about the price of their service. Remember, treachery and deceit are everywhere. You would not want to suffer a huge amount of bill after all the services have been done. What is worse is paying the company without the guarantee of a full and high-quality service.

Contact The Best Pest Control Company

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