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Common Ant Species Which Will Invade Your Home And How You Can Keep Them Away


A lot of people are having problems with ants today because the tiny insect can cause a huge infestation which can damage properties and bring inconveniences as well. There are thousands of species of ants you may encounter and because of this, it will be hard for you to identify them one by one. It is not a need to memorize all ant species around the world; you only have to know the common ones which can infest your home anytime.

Ants are small yet they bring severe household problems that only not affect the property, but the people living in it as well. There are plenty of ants you can see and each of them is unique. However, not everything you see is bad, only a few are considered to be pests. That’s why, when you found out you have ants at home and they are infesting your place, you need to seek help from a local exterminator in Mooresville to get rid of the problem all at once.

On the other hand, it is important to get rid of pests at home to keep your house safe, healthy, and damage-free but before jumping to pest control; you have to know first the common ant species which will invade your home.

Here are the common species of ants you may encounter and infest your home.  

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are among the common species of ants which will invade your home. This species of ant is found around the United States and you need to be alarmed when you have this at home. According to a pest exterminator in Mooresville, carpenter ants are known to be fond of wood as well as termites. Unlike the latter, this species of ant will burrow into wood, structure, and foundation to make their nest. The trees you have outside can also be a home for them.  Carpenter ants also have the same social pattern with other ant species. They have worker ants and a queen which keep the colony united. Their colonies can survive for up to six years. Their color can either be black and red or blackish which can be easily identified. They prefer moist wood or areas, forage for food during the night but are not into eating wood, and they like meats, sugary foods, grease, and fats. Carpenter ants don’t typically get near people but when they do, they usually escape. But when their nests are threatened, that’s the time they may sting.  

Odorous House Ants

One of the most annoying species of ants is odorous house ants. The species can have a similar physical appearance with carpenter ants but odorous ants are easily identified due to the strong smell they release. The odor of this ant species pungent, terrible, and like coconut and they release it when you crash them. They are found across the United States and their colonies consist of thousands of them. Odorous black ants’ body shape is oval and segmented, have six legs, can be color black or brown, and have antennas. Odorous house ants prefer eating sweet substances, dead insects, and melon. They have a long lifespan and they nests are usually found under logs, stones, debris, and more. The insect can also be found inside your home because the cracks in your floor and wall can be a home to them as well. This species of ants may not bring severe illnesses but will contaminate your food with their waste. When you see odorous house ants, you have to get rid of them as quickly as possible to avoid infestations and food contamination.  

Pavement Ants

 Pavement ants got their name because they are usually hiding or nesting in pavement cracks but they are normally seen inside the house. This species of ants is a common one and you need to know them because they can be a pest as well. Pavement ants are usually found in the United States’ eastern parts like Washington and California. Other ants may have one queen for their colony, pavement ants are different as they have plenty of queens and their colonies are only a home for up t0 4,000 ants which is lesser than other species. Pavement ants have the same shape with odorous house ants, have six legs, have antennas, and have black to dark brown colors. When it comes to their food preference, they are not picky since they almost eat everything such as cheese, grease, bread, insects, honey, meats, seeds, nuts, and more. Pavement ants may not be disease carriers but they are food contaminators so you have to protect your food tightly to avoid getting germs or bacteria from them. If you want an ant-free home, professional help can make it come true.  

Black House Ants

 Aside from odorous house ants, there are black house ants that are annoying as well. The two may be alike, but they are still different and you can easily distinguish them. Black house ants have shiny exterior and come in black color of course. Black odorous ants are the ones who forage for food in your kitchen, dog filth, and trash bins. Because of this, they can spread salmonella which can cause a problem to your health. This species of ant loves sweet foods so if your sugar, cereals, and more are not properly stored, black house ants will look for them and bring it back to their colonies. 

Red Imported Fire Ants

If there are one species of ants that are aggressive and will sting, that could be the red imported fire ants. This species is known to give painful stings when they feel threatened. Red imported fire ants or RIFA can adapt to the climates of their environment. They are also united when their nests are in trouble or submerged in water because they create a raft or ball which will help to float and survive. RIFA prefers vegetables as their diet, create nests by making mounds made of soil, and are rarely found in establishments. What is bad with red imported fire ants is that their stings are no joke. It can be painful and if you are allergic to it, the effect is more serious. Their sting is not the only thing you need to worry about because if you have crops or plants at home, they can damage it.  Here you go! These are the common ant species you need to know and will invade your home! Keep them in mind to identify your enemy better.

How To Keep Ants Away

Ants are pesky and they are hard to eliminate. If you suspect an ant infestation is happening, here are the ways on you can keep them away for good.

  • Eliminate moisture as ants need water to survive. Some species are attracted to moist areas and if they find it in your home, they will infest right away. Also, removing moisture will help in getting rid of other pests like termite and mosquitoes.
  • Prune tree branches and shrub as it can be a bridge for ants to enter your house. It also serves as their homes. 
  • Seal cracks, gaps, and holes which are entry points for ants.  Blocking entrances will prevent them from entering and may not have a place to build their nests.
  • Store food properly because some ants forage for food and if they found what they want, they will attack it to bring it back to their nests. Use airtight containers to avoid food contamination.
  • Remove piles of wood beside your house because it can be a place for ants to build their homes.

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